Posted by: charityliz | July 31, 2010

surviving the new job

It’s funny how most new things are exciting and energizing for me, but when it comes to a new job it’s a distinct and more extreme “exciting energy”—like sticking your finger in a light bulb…and keeping it there!

Even with the incredibly wonderful and nice people that I get to work with, I can’t deny that the intense learning curve of meeting lots of new and important people, learning a variety of new systems and processes, and trying desperately to get a grip on all I am supposed to do in this new job is truly like being electrocuted!  (Not that it’s ever happened to me beyond a brief run-in with an electric fence when I was young—but that’s another story). And although getting electrocuted isn’t necessarily a good thing, it certainly does wake one up.  I left a job where I was totally comfortable and knew my way around.  This new job is shocking me back into a challenging work mode—and in the end, I like it.  After all, it’s a big reason why I took this challenge/job in the first place. However—I must be clear—I was absolutely exhausted by the end of my first week!

Of course the week was also filled with learning the best commuter routes to both offices in San Francisco and Oakland—by combinations of CalTrain, BART, bus, car, walking and biking  (no joke, I used all those modes of transportation this week).  By the time I got home last night, I barely had anything left in me to even celebrate the fact that I actually survived my first week.  I figured that I would have zippo energy for the weekend, and do little more than sit on a chair in my living room and stare blankly at my half decorated walls, just waiting for my brain to decompress before Monday rolled back around.   So I crashed early last night, to say the least.

And then, the most amazing thing happened… I woke up this morning and I was ready to soak up the weekend for all it’s worth!  And that’s when I knew for sure that this new job is a job and it’s great, but it’s not everything in life.  Despite the fact that I usually enjoy working, it never ceases to amaze me how motivating a whole day off to myself can be!  Work can be fun, but time off is GREAT!  Even the simple days like today…coffee in bed with journal, quick chores and then off to do some Stand Up Paddle, followed by a leisurely afternoon of exploring my new town on my bike and shopping at thrift stores. Ahhh, the ideal Saturday.  Nothing fancy, but pure therapy after a week like this.

Hard week at work. Check.

Thanking God for recovery time (i.e. weekends), and totally enjoying the time off.  Check, Check.



  1. I spent most of my time with my online jobs which is so tiring, so every week end I spend my day at the beaches and sometimes at the park to unwind 🙂

  2. Sounds exciting. I wish you the best of success in your new endeavor.

    nate g.

  3. thanks, Uncle Nate! Hope all is well down south!

  4. Spending time with your favorite younger brother and having an absolutely *amazing* quesadilla. Check, check. 🙂

  5. Your title, “Surving the New Job” says it all 😉

    I love you and miss you.

  6. Sooooooo exicted that you have a blog. It feels like forever ago that you left already. Can’t wait to see you this weekend and catch up a bit.

  7. I support all elements of this message … that’s all I’ve got.

  8. Oh Charity!! Love that you are blogging so I can read all about the newness you are experiencing. I am hoping to visit you real soon, as northern cali is my getaway spot. Keep your eyes peeled for jobs me and maybe you can score a fun, neat freak mexican who likes to cook as a roommate?? Love ya!

    • Leah! Yes, yes & yes! I’m out of town most weekends in august…but that gives you time to scheme your ideal visit/adventures in the Bay Area!!

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