Posted by: charityliz | August 3, 2010

The magical glance backward


Today I decided to go on a little excursion on my lunch break.  Someone told me about a cool gallery/used clothes boutique that is only about a half mile from my work.
So I threw on my runners (as the Canadians say) and power walked my way over.  What started out as a flat city jaunt quickly turned into a super steep hill-  those ones that San Francisco is famous for.  Of course being the SLO girl that I am, I took that hill like it was Bishop’s Peak- charge forward and don’t look back.  But right as I reached the top of the hill, I also had to turn onto another street and as I did, I glanced to the side and then swung my head around – stunned to see such an epic view of the city. So unexpected.  Just a random street corner in the city and yet what a view!

For someone that forges forward rarely looking back, today reminded me that sometimes glancing back can give such a different perspective– especially after a tough hike/ season in life.

I got a pic on my phone– doesn’t quite hold the same weight as seeing it in person…but still fun to share.



  1. hey charox! i love reading yr blog and yr new adventures in your new city!! i hope that you continue to explore new places, learn more about yourself and discover God’s plans for you in the next few months! see u at my wedding!

    • Ilene!!! How do you have time to be reading blogs at a time like this?!! –you’re getting MARRIED soon!!!! so exciting!!!

  2. That’s my girl! Loved your story. Isn’t our God amazing! I love you lots & lots.

  3. Maybe you should be enrolling at this new arts college because you’ve got a flair for finding the poetic in the everyday. I love, love, love reading about this new chapter and can’t wait to catch up with a long phone chat! Miss you, Dum!

  4. Lovely view. What was that boutique like? Missed the important stuff 😉

  5. Beautiful Charity…. so good 🙂

  6. YEAH! 2 Posts… it’s like a new Charity record! Keep it up… I like hearing about the new life 😀 It was SO great to see you… just a bummer it had to be so short 😦

    • Just wait until you read the next one! I took your advice!

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