Posted by: charityliz | August 6, 2010

Mornings, Coffee & Trains

I do not consider myself someone who is addicted to coffee, nor do I consider myself a procrastinator, but after thinking about my issues with both timing and coffee this week, I could be in denial.  I will at least admit that I’m not really a “morning person” and I REALLY appreciate the comfort (if not the caffeine) in a good cup of coffee in the morning.  But the combination of not being a morning person, combined with train schedules and my desire for coffee is a challenge I never expected.  Let’s take this week,  for example…

Sunday night: start the week off on the right foot and pre-set my coffee pot timer so a fresh hot pot is waiting for me when I first wake up.  Yum.

Monday: Wake up to fresh pot of coffee.  Crawl into bed for a few moments to read and pray that I survive the day. (this is my ideal)

Tuesday: Wake up to fresh pot of coffee waiting for me in the kitchen as usual…but decide to press snooze button instead.  Then had to sacrifice coffee in bed for getting ready.  No coffee consumed before I raced off to catch the train.

Wednesday: Similar to Tuesday, except I couldn’t bare the thought of walking out the door with no caffeine again (and wasting another perfectly good pot of coffee), so instead, I poured a cup of coffee and literally chugged it in about 45 seconds.  (Pathetic, I know).  Raced off to the train; barely got on.

Thursday: Got smarter.  Poured cup of coffee while I was getting ready in the morning, so I could squeeze a few sips in as I put myself together.  Made it to the train on time.

Thursday night:  Too lazy to set the timer on the coffee pot and figured it might be a good excuse to leave the house a bit earlier and grab some coffee at Pete’s to celebrate Friday.

Friday:  Woke up exhausted.  Pressed snooze 3 times–partly because I knew there was no hot coffee in the kitchen waiting for me.  Aimed to get ready quickly so I could catch the 6:30 train then grab coffee in the city.  Missed the 6:30 train, and approached the train station right as the 6:45 train was leaving (effectively missing my 6:45 train).  Casually decided that everything works out for a reason and I would go to the Peet’s coffee across the street to grab a cup of coffee and check the train schedule for the next train.  PERFECT!  Standing in line for coffee, I looked at the schedule and realized the next train was coming at 6:51.  OK, I thought, no problem…it’s right across the street–when really I should have aborted the whole plan because that was effectively 3 minutes from the time I needed to be on the train.  But, no…I got my coffee and as I was walking out the door, I hear the HONK, HONK as the train was approaching.  I literally take three huge gulps of my precious Peet’s coffee and set it on the curb (so sorry for littering) –because I had to RUN with my bike to catch that train.  Luckily, the conductor saw me and waited.

So here I sit, on an extra long train ride (because I missed the first two chances to get on the bullet train) and a few sips of coffee in my system (with a perfectly good cup of coffee left outside of Peet’s).  Hello, Friday!

After Thought: I’ve decided that perhaps this is a good time to invest in one of those super leak resistant travel mugs that I can take with me on my bike.  Hopefully that will solve this problem!  –as long as there is time to pour a cup, I can take it with me!



  1. That is stinkin’ hilarious. Partly because I can totally relate and am pretty sure I would do something very similar. Always trying to squeeze in one more thing, what can I say.

    • I could totally see you trying to squeeze it in too! 🙂

  2. Uh huh, yeap, no doubt! True denial if ever there was!
    Do they have coffee counseling? or maybe CDA (Coffee Drinkers Anonymous)?

  3. C, perhaps a coffee camelback backpack would due the trick- just pour your coffee in , strap to back and ride away in your coffee bliss 😉
    i’m not sure they actually make them, however, i am willing to google it for you 😉
    luv~ T =)

  4. hahaha… yeah I was going to suggest the travel mug about halfway through. And yes, I think you’re in denial of your coffee addiction! haha. But also…. I must throw in there… i was completely floored when I checked facebook and noticed you had another update! haha.. the benefit of a phone with internet I presume? 😀 LOve it!

  5. haha, love the week’s progression. can you not take your coffee on the train with you? you definitely need a travel mug! I recommend the starbucks ones – they have one that the handle is kind of like a caribiner so you can clip it to stuff. out of all the mugs I have, my starbucks one I got while working there has definitely been the best – I can drop it, shake it, and tip it over in the car and it’s never leaked. usually I do a shake test over the sink before I leave – if nothing spills, I’m good

    • I definitely can take coffee on the train, but I just don’t have a travel mug that survives the bumpy ride in my bike basket without spilling. Will take your recommendation though & check out the one at Starbucks.

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