Posted by: charityliz | August 17, 2010

Opera in the train station

My favorite moment today was stepping off the train and walking through the large corridor of the main train station in SF.  Usually this place is a hub of activity, with the of hustle and bustle of people converging off of several train lines and crisscrossing through the corridor to catch the nearest shuttle, bus, taxi–or in my case, hop on my bike.  It’s like watching a good chunk of corporate america step off the train and rush off to the office, with coffee mug and newspaper in hand.

Today all of that was business as usual,except there was something refreshingly different as well…

Behind all the hubbub was the melodious sound of opera floating through the entire corridor– at first faint but then becoming crystal clear as I glanced to the main entrance and saw a real live man and woman singing concert quality opera!  — just standing there performing next to a bunch of people waiting in line to board a city bus!    It was like Broadway meets Caltrain, and it was lovely. 

I paused for just a moment to look, listen and wonder why such amazing voices chose to grace this particular space this morning.  And I cracked a smile, hopped on my bike and rode into the misty streets of San Francisco, with opera fading in the distance, thinking to myself, “only in the city…”  



  1. nice…

  2. […] wafting through the morning misty air–right there in the train station. I blogged about this when I first encountered it right after moving to the Bay Area.  However, I’m inspired to return to the topic today, […]

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