Posted by: charityliz | September 7, 2010

Ode to the Shell Shack

Timing is everything.

Right after I finished writing my last post, I picked up my phone to find a text message from my dear old roomie, with the following picture attached.  It’s so ironic and depressing it’s funny.  I seriously am sitting here by myself laughing, because I just can’t cry about it.

ODE TO THE SHELL SHACK  (or a feeble attempt at it)

My beloved Shell Shack is no more, but the memories live on.

The leaning deck, the funky blue bathroom tile, the cupboard doors that creaked and the living room alcove that leaned.   It was a bit of a wreck to live in, but now it’s definitely a wreck!

Oh, memories!  BBQ’s on the deck, roommate dinners, last-minute Happy Hours, game nights, theme parties, bible studies, girls night sleep-overs, lots of outa-towners, and plenty of unwelcome critters.

Thank God for memories!   Safe from the bulldozer.

(Dedicated to my Shell Shack roomies:  April, Heather & Devon)



  1. So glad I got to be one of those out-of-towners and enjoy the Shell Shack life!

  2. awe! happy were the days of the Shell Shack! i guess every season has an end.

  3. Wow, where’s the mailbox? I don’t even see the mailbox! That place almost became a second home and I just can’t believe it is gone—forever—except in our memories, of course.;)

  4. Oh how the Shell Shack will hold a dear place in my heart forever. Good times! And one of my all time favorite stories in life involves the Shell Shack, it’s critters, and you Charity.

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