Posted by: charityliz | September 16, 2010

I heart the FALAFEL TRUCK!

Usually forgetting my lunch is an annoyance…but today, I’m thanking God that my brain  too dull this morning to remember the basics of sustanance for the day!  If it were not for my random forgetfulness, I would be missing out big time right about NOW!

Introducing the Falafel truck,  around the corner from where I work…

BACK STORY: The Falafel truck is legendary around here.  My co-workers were talking about Falafel Fridays the first week I got here and haven’t stopped raving about it since.  Historically, the Falafel truck has only parked in our neighborhood on Fridays (parking in other neighborhoods in SF on other days), thus one can only hop on the Falafel Friday “bandwagon” once a week around here.  Unfortunately, I happen to be working at our Oakland campus on most Fridays, therefore I kept missing Falafel Fridays.

However, today–when I left the office in search of the nearest Trader Joe’s for a practical and inexpensive lunch, and turned my first corner to spot none other than the infamous Falafel Truck, I thought my eyes were messin’ with me…or I had somehow skipped a day in the week.  But, there it was–the Friday Falafel truck on a THURSDAY!!!

So without hesitation, I ordered the “usual”…apparently that means a standard Falafel (that can be “dressed up” at the topping bar with your own personal favs, and then some) and an order of sweet potato garlic cilantro fries.  No joke, I was SOLD!

I was greeted by the owner– a super friendly girl, about my age–who introduced me to my first Liba Falafel and then explained all the unique and freshly made toppings at the topping bar…like spiced ginger carrots, cilantro peanuts, marinated cabbage, etc.

one word:  DELECTABLE

and with a touch of friendly service, this food truck just can’t be beat!

I mean, I was so excited after I took my

first bite, that I couldn’t decide what to do first– blog about it, or eat the rest.  So I’m attempting to do both.

MORE INFO: Liba Falafel –



  1. You had me at sweet potato garlic cilantro fries.

  2. Yummy!!!! That sounds so good. My boss was JUST saying how we should have a food truck parked at the winery once a week. Maybe I should franchise with the falafel girl…

  3. Sounds amazing Charity! i love hearing about your adventures…

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