Posted by: charityliz | September 27, 2010

Indian Summer – Finally!


Just when I had given up all hope of ever feeling anything above 60 degrees in SF, a late summer rolls into town.  Though I’m sure it will be short-lived, I’m enjoying every ounce of it!

This was a pic I took when the warm weather first hit last week.  I was meeting friends for a happy hour after work and on my way back to my car I was marveling at the unusually warm breeze (which would have been satisfying enough), but then I turned the corner and was absolutely stunned by the view along the Embarcadero.  Usually I can’t even see Treasure Island because of the incessant fog….but on this night, the view across the bay was crystal clear.  But the most stunning part was the full moon….which looked about 20 times as big in real life (why does the moon always look smaller in photos??)!

On a funny note:  One of my co-workers was saying that she saw a “Severe Weather Warning” for San Francisco…and it was because the temperature was forecasted to be over 80 degrees in the city!  No joke.  These people are used to truly mild weather!  We got a good laugh out of that–she having recently moved from New Jersey and me with my desert roots!



  1. Saweet!! We have finally gotten our Indian summer as well. It was 104 at Cal Poly over the weekend and probably 85 in AG. Livin’ it up while it lasts.

  2. Agreed Charity! it’s about time Summer visited us 🙂 So happy that you are getting some warmth up there!
    and p.s. i asked the same moon picture ? to my handy pro photographers that were visiting this weekend and their answer was that we need cameras with shutters that stay open longer to catch it in real time due to the earth’s constant rotation lol

  3. Hey, I can only handle so much of this “Indian Summer”…it’s crazy hot in OC!

    As for the moon, I think I heard it was a Harvest Moon last week, which for some reason is large like that.


  4. thanks for the info, T
    I don’t think I can make my shutter stay open on this cell phone camera. 😦

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