Posted by: charityliz | September 29, 2010

cheaters never prosper

I feel like I cheated on my boyfriend today…oh, wait–I don’t have a boyfriend…and I didn’t really do any such thing!  But…

I had to get my hair cut today and instead of feeling relieved that it’s finally back in decent shape, I feel guilty–like I cheated on my old stylist, Noelle, whom I absolutely LOVE!

When I moved, I had all intentions of continuing to go to Noelle–I mean, how hard could it be to go back home to the Central Coast for a nice haircut every 8-10 weeks??!  Well, this plan doesn’t work so well after going south four weekends in a row in August.  I had my hair styled by Noelle during my first visit home at the beginning of August, but by my last visit home at Labor Day, my hair still wasn’t quite ready for the next cut.  Since then, I’ve been doing my best to stay in the Bay Area on weekends and try to dive into my “new life” here.

But in the mean time, my hair had pretty much gotten out of control.  About a week ago, I looked in the mirror at a DISASTER of a hairdo and ever since then, I’ve been desperately searching for the perfect stylist–of course knowing the whole time that no matter who I go to, it just won’t be the same as Noelle.

Nonetheless, I had no choice but to find somebody–anybody–to try to put me back “together” before the professional conference that I’m presenting at this weekend.

So, I broke down and went to “CJ” at “Green Twig Salon”–a referral I picked up when I saw a student walk through my building at school with a VERY well styled bobb.  So I figured it was probably the safest bet.

THE RESULT: CJ was OK, and my haircut is nice, I guess…but it just highlighted how GOOD Noelle really is!  I’ve always said she’s my little “miracle worker”, and now I’m definitely convinced of it. Although I got a decent cut today, it didn’t quite make the “fabulous” rankings of Ms. Noelle.  And not only does Noel do a great job with my hair, but she also is such a genuine person–we’ve actually become friends over the years.  Many of our conversations, as I sat in her styling chair, were encouraging to my heart and the highlight of that particular day.  And today as I sat in CJ’s chair, I couldn’t help but miss Noelle for more than just the vain reasons that first come to mind.



  1. Charity I would feel the same way. Noel has ruined it for everyone who has to get a haircut by someone else. She really is just that good.

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