Posted by: charityliz | October 3, 2010

Thank God for a change of pace!

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from it all. I still feel like my life is in the thick of a transition–one that that has been both exciting and challenging–and now that I’m away from it all, I’m realizing that it’s also been exhausting!!!

Here I am in Orlando, FL for a work conference– usually something I wouldn’t really categorize as “getting away from it all” (I mean it’s not exactly a fabulous vacation to Europe or anything)–but nonetheless feeling like it’s a much needed reprieve.

I arrived in Orlando a day before the conference began, so I got a chance to play at Disney World for the day with my old (and beloved) co-worker & friend from Poly–Amy. When I found out she was attending the same conference, I pretty much felt like my chances of having fun were increased by about 102%. We got some really good laughs on all those rides yesterday and I just loved running around trying to pack in as many rides as possible. There’s nothing like letting Disney bring out the kid in you!

Today I woke up refreshed, and experienced for the second time how much I really really REALLY enjoy doing presentations at professional conferences! For most people, presenting to a room full of colleagues from around the country might seem intimidating, if not horrifying. I feel that way for about two seconds before I start, and then I just dive in! I love sharing my experience and creating a space for others to share their experience–it makes for a great learning environment for all of us! Today I felt like the workshop went well and I was satisfied when it was over. But when a few people stayed late to thank me and specifically let me know that my workshop was helpful/encouraging to them, my day was totally made–in a way that I just can’t describe! It makes all the hard work that I put into preparing for the workshop totally worth it. And in the midst of a new job and having my confidence challenged quite a bit, (as is the case with most new jobs), it’s still nice to be reminded of the things that truly motivate me to be in this career.

After finishing my workshop, I decided to treat myself to a much needed massage. Can I just say that there’s something about a good massage that really helps you let go of pent up stress–in a way that no amount of exercising or chatting with a good friend can do! And to top it off, the sun was setting as I walked out of the health spa, so of course, I plopped on a nearby hammock to savor the warm Florida breeze and last drops of sunlight. Now, I know I’m relaxed when I take time to do stuff like that. 🙂

There are three more days of this conference–which probably won’t be as relaxing, since I’ll be attending a ton of workshops and eventually reaching my max limit of new information/ideas. But I’m grateful for the last couple of days that have been de-frazzling. It was so needed–and probably just as valuable to my overall work, as bringing home all the knowledge that I’ll gather in the workshops to come.

PS: Can I just say that I love Florida weather (Tanya, you know what I’m talkin’ about)!!!



  1. ahhhhh…sounds wonderful. I’m so glad you have had a chance to re-charge and refresh. What an added treat that you got to play at D’land and you had words of encouragement. Balm from the Father’s heart. 😉

  2. I’m happy for my Little girl! It melts my heart when I see how tenderly the Father takes care of His own. Grace, and especially peace, to you in this time of reprieve.

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