Posted by: charityliz | October 6, 2010

I’m online…AND I’m flying!

Location: somewhere over the Rockies
Current Altitude: 45,000 feet
That’s right, I’m online…AND I’m flying!

I feel as though this is a benchmark worth noting. Here I am on a US Airways flight (nothing as hip as Virgin Airlines or even Jet Blue), and yet they actually have internet! And thankfully I have my computer! Now perhaps this is old hat for those total jet-setter types, but this is seriously revolutionizing my flight experience!

The only bummer is that it is absurdly expensive ($12.95 to have access for one flight)!!!…and yet, admittedly, I’m still willing to pay. Am I a total sucker, for paying that much??! I mean, I typically won’t even pay $2 for the crappy airplane headphones when I forget my iPod headphones (I’d rather sit in silence and try to read lips while watching the in-flight movie)…and here I am paying 13 bucks for internet access!!! Well, part of the reason for that is because there is no TV, Movies or Music on this flight!!! So I guess there’s a true trade off. I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have a computer right now. I seriously think I’d lose my mind. I can’t read for longer than a 20 or 30 minutes without getting bored. Generally I don’t sleep on planes–especially daytime flights. And it’s all I can do from going absolutely stir crazy being cooped up in a plane for 5 hours.

But relief has arrived! As long as I have my computer, I’m a happy camper. You wouldn’t believe how much I can accomplish with a few hours of nothing but me and my computer+internet! Of course, I still can’t wait to get out of this plane, but I’m surviving…or should I say, surfing.

OK, that was cheesy. Signing off now.


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