Posted by: charityliz | October 26, 2010

meet my new “neighbor”

When I arrived at home late last night, I was greeted by a furry and quite ferocious creature–the dreaded possum!!!!  I was headed up the stairs to my apartment blabbing away on the phone, but  practically jumped backwards down the full flight of stairs upon seeing this possom blocking the top of the stairs in front of my doorway!  I was so shocked and scared that I could barely scream.  I was more like squealing.

And let me just say, I think the average person would be equally alarmed, for this was no ordinary possum (not that I’ve seen many in my lifetime).  It was probably 10 pounds and looked bigger than most cats!  It had totally scruffy/mangy hair and it was literally hissing at me when I attempted to approach the door!

Of course, I quickly backed down and retreated to the safety of my car.  Meanwhile my friend is still on the phone line with me looking up the best ways  to get rid of possums.  Of course, most suggestions were either ridiculous or more like preventative measures–as in, put garlic out to keep the possums away.  It’s not like I’m gonna run after the  possum with garlic in hand.

So after several minutes of panic and no budging from the possum, I finally decided that even if my car was a suitable place to sleep for the night, that didn’t solve the problem of having to pee really bad–which meant I needed to get into my apartment ASAP.

Desperately, I decided to knock on the door of my downstairs neighbor–a sweet little Mexican family that I barely know–hoping the man of the house would be there to help me out.  But who answers the door–the short and sweet Momma of the household.  When I told her my problem, she promptly grabbed her broom stick and marched up the stairs to my apartment.  With no hesitation she gently shoed the possum away.  And by gently, I mean GENTLY, like herding a cute little fluffy bunny rabbit.  Never mind the fact that this was a vicious possum!

And that was it.  The possum left without a fight and my sweet little neighbor said “see…you just have to do it like that….never be harsh…just gentle”.  Of course, that made me feel like a complete wuss, but in true wussy form, I almost cried as I thanked and hugged her good night.  Sometimes you just need a good neighbor.



  1. I hate those things with a passion!

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