Posted by: charityliz | November 2, 2010

i heart the GIANTS

While our Giants were playing in Texas tonight, fans all over SF were piling into neighborhood bars all over the city watching and cheering from back home.
I was lucky enough to score a front row spot at the bar in Gordon Biersch brewery (thanks to my friend who saved me a spot). This was a true hot spot for the most dedicated fans, where high fives to strangers and uninhibited shouts were a dime a dozen.
The moment after the last pitch was thrown the whole place went crazy! It was a phenomenal sight to see (this was the point in the evening when I reached for my phone to take some video and pics but then realized my phone battery was completely dead, so I had to record this experience into my memory instead)
We went to dinner after the game and afterward the streets of SF were even more packed than before, the crowds seemingly excited enough to stay out all night.
I on the other hand, headed home to catch some sleep before work tomorrow. boo. I think there should be a holiday instituted tomorrow for Giants and all their fans. šŸ™‚



  1. Booo!

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