Posted by: charityliz | November 3, 2010

parental visit

This weekend was just another confirmation that I have the best parents in the world!  They drove all the way up from the OC to visit me–no big occasion, just time to hang out together.  Despite the threat of rain, we had a nicely balanced itinerary, which included Friday & Saturday dinner in downtown Redwood City at two of my favorite restaurants, Saturday morning walk to Farmer’s Market and the Courthouse Square, a trip the Ferry Building in SF followed by a wine & cheese picnic on the Embarcadero and some serious chocolate tasting, a drive to Half Moon Bay just in time to see an amazing sunset, a thought-provoking morning at church on Sunday, and an afternoon of Sunday shopping and puttzing around. Loved it!

Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!

The old historic courthouse in downtown Redwood City

mom & dad at the Ferry Building

i love my mom!

trying to do a high-five sequence of pictures…I love goofing around with dad!

Dad did not fear the beard and felt it was appropriate to pick the nose that would later represent the World Series Champions!!!

I gave the beard a good luck kiss...

Fear the Beard



  1. awe! some of my fav places! Luv it. So fun to visit with your ‘rents 🙂

  2. The photo w/Dad and The Beard is Classic Dad!

  3. I prefer to refer to it as a “sinus cleansing.” It was for that precise reason that the Closer was able to keep a “clear head” under pressure and close the game.

  4. Cute pics! I thought your parents flew though? Oh well, either way, fun times with the ‘rents.

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