Posted by: charityliz | November 10, 2010

What are the chances…


Well, although I have actually been known to stare at complicated parking signs for several minutes in an attempt to determine if I am actually “safe” to park in what seems to be the only spot available for miles around….yesterday morning I had a lapse of judgment.

I was running 10 minutes late when I left my apartment in the morning, which turned into an additional 10 minute delay in traffic, which resulted in a significantly more challenging parking situation upon my arrival at work. I circled the surrounding neighborhood twice and finally found a spot in what seemed to be an unmarked area on a quiet little side street.  I quickly glanced around for a parking sign so I could be sure that my treasured find was actually safe…but I saw no signs at all.  Weird, I thought.  But oh well! And off I went.

Fast forward 8.5 hours.  I walk back to my car to find an unmistakable green envelope on my windshield, with a ticket inside of course! Before I even have a chance to stew about it, a very clearly marked parking sign across the street catches my eye.  I know I’m to blame for the oversight, but can’t help but thinking, “Now where was that sign this morning????!”

Furthermore, the sign reads,
“NO PARKING:  2nd Tuesday of each month 12:30- 3:30”

Are you kidding me??!  I mean, what are the chances that the one day I park somewhere unfamiliar and somehow fail to see the parking signs–the one day I do this–happens to be the 2nd Tuesday of the month??!  Seriously?
OK,  City of Oakland– you win….this time.



  1. I think the make of the car on the ticket might be wrong…maybe there’s still a chance…probably not 😦

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