Posted by: charityliz | November 25, 2010

defining grate·ful


adj \ˈgrāt-fəl\

a : appreciative of benefits receivedb : expressing gratitude <grateful thanks>
a : affording pleasure or contentment : pleasingb : pleasing by reason of comfort supplied or discomfort alleviate

I often wake up on Thanksgiving morning–and my first thought is “Thank God it’s a holiday and I got to sleep in!”   And then I start thinking about all the other things that I’m grateful for. Although the timing may seem a bit unoriginal (given the fact that it is, after all, Thanksgiving Day), I have to admit it’s one of the sweetest moments of each year for me.  Just laying there in bed, thanking God for all the blessings in my life.  This morning was no different and I loved it!

Sometimes I try to list everything in my journal as I think of it–which is cool to see how long the list truly can get. But today, I just sat there and thought about the things I’m grateful for.  Most of my reflections centered around the amazing family and friends I have….thinking about each person and how awesome it is that I get to know them and share life with them.  I know I’m bias, but I have to say that my family is incredible–not perfect–but truly loving, loyal and fun. My closest friends are another bunch that I just can’t get enough of–and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have people in my life that are fabulously fun, genuinely encouraging, and true confidants.

I’m also grateful to have a job where I get to work with some amazing people and learn so much along the way, a home that is cozy, and a car that runs great and takes me and my paddle board wherever I want to go.  🙂  I think about some of the challenges I’ve faced (and I’m still facing), and I remember some pretty rough days this past year…,and I’m grateful for the strength to get through each day.  I’m in good health, I’m still “young”, I have the ability to run and play, and I have freedom to do

so much!   The list goes on and on….
That’s my definition of “grateful” today.How good it is for my heart and soul to consider these things!  And in my deepest core, I find great comfort in knowing that all of this comes from God, who is good.

“Give thanks to him and praise his holy name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” – Psalm 100:4-5



  1. Amen and amen.

  2. Charity, well said as usual. I am definitely thankful for you and your friendship!

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