Posted by: charityliz | December 5, 2010

just me and my tree

The holidays always catch me by surprise, but I feel like Christmas decorating is the thing that finally gets me into the full swing of the Christmas spirit. However, this year, I found myself at a bit of a loss for how to dive in without roommates! In the past, my roomies and I would literally make Christmas Decorating a holiday of it’s own to be celebrated–complete with an outing to the Christmas tree farm, being sure to sport our cute scarves and other winter garb for the photo opps of us cutting down our own tree. This was followed by hours of decorating our home, filling every nook and cranny with something wintery or jolly, until it literally looked like Christmas barfed all over our house!

But this year, with no roommates, I’m discovering that which was once an “event” just isn’t the same when it’s just me. I seriously considered not getting a tree and almost didn’t decorate at all! Not that I was particularly depressed or bitter about being solo, but it seemed almost silly to just decorate for me. But being the “nester” that I am, I quickly realized that I still needed to decorate if I was ever going to be able to fully appreciate the season. So I decided to embrace the new life and amend the old traditions to make them fit my new “solo household” with the following new guidelines:

1. Taking a special outing to the Christmas Tree Farm seems ridiculous when you’re alone (not to mention I haven’t seen a farm around these parts), but Home Depot is just 5 minutes away and it is quite acceptable to walk in an out with just you and your tree. (and so I did)

2. No more roommate with a pick-up truck + the realization that big trees don’t fit in small trunks + small apartment = get a small tree.

3. If it’s just you, pick whatever YOU want! (As soon as I first laid my eyes on the Rosemary Christmas trees, I knew I was going to take one of those babies home! I carefully inspected each one until I found the perfectly carved rosemary bush…and it makes quite a lovely table top Christmas Tree, if I do say so myself–not to mention the yummy scent!)

4. Even if there’s no one else around, fill the home with the scents and sounds of Christmas while decorating. Microwave a cup of hot cider and pop in the ole Love Actually soundtrack for good measure.

5. Small apartments do not have as much space or tolerance for the magnitude of Christmas decor that the old Shell Shack once did. Simply put, leave some of the decor for another year. (I left about 7 strings of lights, several candles and all kinds of knick knacks safely stored away for another year)

6. If it still feels weird to do all of the above solo, just take a moment to ponder how much can change in just one year. (I had a good time decorating, but in the end, still felt a tinge of sadness that I didn’t have my old roomies there to join me. All I could do was thank God for those sweet memories–I mean if they weren’t great, I wouldn’t miss them. And I did my best to embrace my new season of life–I literally laughed at the thought of how much has changed in the past year! A year ago I would have NEVER pictured my life now, and that’s pretty AMAZING!)




  1. Beautiful tree! And do I see a Merry Christmas sign in the background with your lovely print? Cute! I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. […] my mind as I decorated my little apartment for Christmas.  I couldn’t help but think back to last year and how I was fighting to convince myself that this new place could feel like home, when in reality […]

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