Posted by: charityliz | January 1, 2011

Glitz & Glam in San Fran

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One of the advantages of moving to the Bay Area is the opportunity to bring in the new year with a little more pizzazz compared to living in the more sedated Central Coast.  If my last post got to highlight the joys of my old rural stomping grounds, this post will prove an obvious juxtaposition.

In short, I attended a “Glitz & Glam” NYE event in Downtown/Financial District in SF with three fabulously fun friends!  But the real adventure can be summed up on my Top 10 Must Have’s and Rather Not’s of the evening!

TOP 10 Must Haves:

1)    Make a plan and get tickets in advance.  Our first choice sold out, so we were quick to jump on the second option–still two weeks in advance.

2)    Choose an event that is semi-formal, so you have an excuse to wear a fun dress in the city!

3)    Get all dolled up together with friends–blast the tunes and get glitzed and glammed at home. Save some money with pre-party of yummy appetizers and plenty of  sustenance for the long evening ahead.

4)    Choose to wear a dress & shoes that make you feel fabulous

5)    Take the CalTrain into the city–even if it’s so packed that you have to stand all the way–the people watching is unforgettable!

6)    Upon arriving in the city, be aggressive about getting a cab.  It’s not easy, but this is the point in the evening in which cabs are still available, so take one while you can!

7)    Stay classy. Spend more time dancing than drinking — we think it was more fun in the long run!

8)    An awesome DJ–Seriously, the dance party is what it’s all about!!!!

9)    If you must ride BART, hope for a good show…like intoxicated people howling like coyotes and arguing about nonsense in Spanish.

10)  Stick with your girls–good buddies can make any night seem like a fabulous adventure!  This is my favorite part for sure; I feel so blessed to have friends that are smart, safe AND fun!

TOP 10 Rather Not’s

1)    Stand/Dance in heals for 7 hours straight.

2)     Wait 45 minutes to get your coat from the coat check at the end of the party.

3)    Witness near-mayhem breakout as hundreds of people get impatient waiting for their coats.

4)    Sneak behind the coat check counter in a desperate attempt to get your own coat after feeling as though you might never get it otherwise.  (it worked, but it’s risky)

5)    Desperately try to hail a cab in the freezing cold rain at the end of the night (along with the other hundreds of people trying to get home)–it’s futile

6)    Witness barfing on BART

7)    Furiously run up an escalator then down the longest stretch of stairs EVER to catch the transfer from BART to CalTrain (in heals at 2:15AM, mind you)–and hop on a packed train with a split second to spare and just enough room to squeeze on before doors close.  (though the attempt was both successful & exhillarating, it was quite stressful)

8)    After a mere 4 hours of sleep, wake up at 7 in the morning to the sound of kids screaming in the apartment below. Really, people? It’s Saturday morning and it’s New Year’s Day!!! Pipe down!

9)    Very sore legs and feet due to #1 on this list.

10) Do NYE in the city every year.  Though it is a fun experience, it is not for the faint at heart and will probably require another few years of pent up energy for me to give it a second attempt!

Glitz and Glam in the city.  Done and done.  As for New Year’s resolutions, that’s another story.



  1. Love it! Glitz=Cant get enough Glam=Always

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