Posted by: charityliz | January 19, 2011

booty doo

There are few things in life that manage to embarrass me…mostly because potentially embarrassing things happen to me all the time and I’ve simply had to learn to laugh instead of blush/cringe at whatever ridiculously stupid thing I manage to do.

But today, while walking home from work I found myself horribly embarrassed!

{Side Note: this particular story will probably resonate more with the ladies out there.  Sorry guys.}

So I left the office in a hurry today, kicking my power walk into the highest gear possible, which is really just short of a jog and barely fast enough to catch the train that I always seem to be running late for.

I’m wearing a skirt today.  I also have my backpack on. (I know, I know, my fashion definitely takes a hit when I have to walk to the train–cute purses just aren’t as practical as a backpack). Anyways… apparently, when one is walking really fast, it can create a unique relationship between backpack and flimsy skirt, whereby backpack defeats gravity and somehow begins to pull skirt up.  Of course, this happens very subtly and is hardly noticeable to the power walker who is focussed on one thing only–get to that train!

So I’m powering past two harmless older gentleman quietly walking on the sidewalk, and about seven strides past them, I hear one of them let out a huge laugh followed by hearty chuckling from both of them.  And at that same exact moment–in an instant–I realize that my skirt is really only functioning as a skirt on the front end, while on the back end it has completely failed its coverage duties!  My backpack has completely “eaten” my skirt!!!

Of course, I swiftly pull down the skirt, but the utter embarrassment has already set in. ACK! UGH! CRINGE!   Really?  Did the streets of SF really have to see my booty today?  And to make matters worse, this is like the one day this winter that I wasn’t wearing tights with my skirt (which would have at least been more trendy)–but nooooo, I had to be wearing old lady sheer nylons.  UGH! CRINGE! So embarrassing.

Backstory: Believe it or not, something similar happened to me in Croatia a couple summers ago!  It was still an issue with my skirt, but instead of two old guys strolling behind me it was a group of hot, young Spaniards sitting around…and instead of me power walking I was sauntering by without a care in the world, just humming along like “doodie-doo”.

UNTIL I realized that my skirt had been inadvertently stuffed into my panties from my recent trip to the ladies room!   ACK!!!  Sheer embarrassment as I glanced back at those Spaniards, and suddenly the tune I was humming sounded more like “booty- doo”.

And so, that infamous moment was coined a “booty-doo moment” by my travel buddies that day….and has now come back to haunt me!!!




  1. It happens to the best of us. I will not confess, I WILL NOT.

  2. Um, that’s hilarious and totally embarrassing. Sounds like maybe you need to reign in your skirt tails my friend!

  3. Haaa!! Caught with your skirt up! Bad day for you, probably good day for the ol’ men 🙂 Must take caution when using backpack + Skirt….same thing happened to me in high school….cruzed through the cafeteria, end to end, with skirt in tote in my nylons. Feel for ya sister, really booty do!

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