Posted by: charityliz | February 9, 2011


This past weekend I discovered the ultimate dinner party “apparatus” …. and I’m not talking about my theme party wigs and décor!  Bringing a bit of the EuroFab back from her two year stint in Lithuania, my amazing friend (and hostess), Kbaby, introduced us to the Raclette (pron. rəˈklɛt)… where dinner isn’t just food, but an experience.  [And yes, I’ve admittedly  hit the point of utopic inspiration, in which I’m willing to start talking about a meal like it’s some kind of vacation destination!]

If the Europeans didn’t already nail it with the Fondue idea, they completely take the prize with this little wonder that combines simple and savory food with a touch of class and fun!

 It’s basically a giant skillet warmer that sits in the middle of the table, which can heat 7-mini skillets simultaneously, allowing each person to make their very own cheesy hot delight and pour it over a medley of pre-chopped veggies, meats and  most importantly, potatoes.  It’s kinda like fondue, but instead of dipping stuff in cheese, you’re pouring your own cheese over your own stuff (and the bread is substituted with potatoes).  And it’s also like the reminiscent of the marshmallow roasting process with smores, in that you get to control how golden brown and sizzling you want to make your own cheese.   Of course, the Raclette cheese alone is quite delicious and now among the best on my list of cheeses.

However, my favorite part about this whole thing is that it’s perfectly designed for a small dinner party (not a large crowd), simply because of the number of skillets.  Though I love my fair share of large gatherings, I have to say that there’s nothing like a small dinner party of fun people to enjoy good food and beverages on a Friday night.  

Christmas wish list item for sure!

Fun Fact: the term raclette derives from the French word racler, meaning “to scrape”… as in scraping the cheese from your skillet onto scrumptious meat, potatoes and veggies!


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