Posted by: charityliz | March 7, 2011

pride of ownership

So after a decent amount of research, I realized that I have two choices for fixing the dings along the railings of my SUP board–drop my board off at some surf shop and pay a lot of money to have them fill the dings….or go buy my own epoxy resin and do it myself.  Now, as much as I would normally default to the DIY option–as with most other things in my in my life– I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about fixing my own board.  I mean, I don’t want to mess up my one and only SUP board!
But option one quickly disolved after I realized that most surf shops close before I make it home from the city every night, so I’d have to set aside a Saturday to drop it off and then another Saturday to pick it up….and that’s just not practical.
So, option two put me at Marine West–the ultimate store for the avid waterman (which I cannot really relate to, but I figured they’d have the best materials for fixing my board).
God Bless the sales associate, Ken! Not only did he show me in which aisle to find the epoxy resin, but he proceeded to give me detailed instructions on how to use it.  Despite the fact that it was sounding very complicated to me (not to mention the warning on the box that said there was a 10% margin of error for mixing the activator substance with the epoxy putty–which really probably means more like 50% margin of error for an amateur like me), Ken had every confidence in me and reduced the task to something that would only take “a few minutes” and would build “pride of ownership”.  Ken looks to be in his 60’s now, but was a surfer back in the day, so he was so thrilled that I was attempting to fix my own board.  He even tried speaking the language of baking with me to make it easier….”the consistency you’re looking for is somewhere between pancake mix and biscuit mix”.
So I went home, only semi-confident that I would be as successful as Ken hoped. Just bringing my board up from the carport to my 2nd floor apartment was a labor of love, but absolutely necessary so I could keep my board above 70 degree temp to help the curing process.
After much sanding, a few days of waiting for the resin to dry to rock-solid consistency…and then more sanding…I’m finally done!  It looks OK–not perfect…but better than I thought it would.  And I have to say…the process definitely created more pride of ownership; so much so that I was inspired to finally give my board a name after nearly 3 years of fun together!
Her name is Avila…where she took her maiden voyage and where I truly fell in love with paddling.  And three years later,  not only am I totally into the sport, but I’m willing to get my hands a little dirty just to stay in it!


  1. i cant wait to move to the bay area and SUP with u!! i want to get my own board, i am in love with the sport, too!

  2. Ilene, that’s gonna be so AWESOME!!!!! I’m already dreaming about paddling out on the Bay together!!!! so when is the move-in date??!

  3. I just don’t have any idea where this “do it yourself” instinct comes from…hmmm.

    Well done, my child!

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