Posted by: charityliz | March 31, 2011

best SF lunch breaks ever

After what seems like weeks of rain in SF, we’re finally getting some sunshine!  With the sun pulsing through my offfice window all morning yesterday, I pretty much couldn’t help myself by lunch time…I just had to get out and enjoy the weather!  I ended up taking a bike ride all along the Embarcadero, with a beautiful view of the city on one side and the Bay on the other. It was seriously one of my most enjoyable jaunts through the city yet. Only in SF can you cruise past the Giants stadium, echos of an announcer calling out the plays of one of the first games of the spring, dodge seagulls and an eclectic array of people all along the Embarcadero….all with a blue sky and clear views across the bay, the smell of ocean and a warm breeze coming off the hot pavement…and still finish the loop in a mere lunch hour…sigh….its finally Spring in SF and it’s glorious!

Fast forward to today…

Another gloriously sunny day in the city. Again, took my bike along the Embarcadero and stopped to eat lunch on a rock along the water and bask in the sun.  I loved the sound of the buzzing city behind me and the lapping water right below me.

Here’s a shot of the view from my trusty handlebars.  Definitely not the exquisite Shell Beach scene that I miss like crazy, but it’s still a cool fusion when the urban jungle collides with glimpses of nature.  As usual, I find myself thanking God for the blessing of awe-inspiring scenery…and a taste of warm weather at last. 🙂




  1. The only thing missing is your favorite Mom to cruise with…and I think cruising along the Embaradero is about my speed! 😉

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