Posted by: charityliz | April 5, 2011

mystery liquid

This is such a classic “day in the life of Charity” story, that I’m not sure if blogging about it will really do the story justice.  So (for those of you who know me well), just picture me telling this story in person with all of my most dramatic facial expressions and you’ll probably get more of the drift…

Ok, so yesterday evening I met up with someone for a casual coffee/dinner date in the city after work.  I was excited that he picked The Mission neighborhood because I haven’t really spent much time in that part of the city yet, but it’s known for the culture, good food and being a little less of a “touristy” part of the city.

First we got coffee at Haus, an independent, slightly mod coffee house (really good cup of coffee).   After that, we decided to stroll a bit, since it was still light out, the weather was nice and I wanted to check out this neighborhood I’d heard so much about.  Walking down the infamous Valencia Street, we were having great conversation and I was taking in the sights of random Mexican markets, busy traffic and people cluttering the sidewalk, plenty of taquerias, a few seedy bars, Mariachi music floating through the air, mural lined alleyways (not to be confused with graffiti), and lots of interesting details everywhere you turned.  Enjoying the moment, I sighed a whimsical sigh and said something like, “I just love being in this part of a city…where regular everyday urban life is happening—no tourists or flashy financial district stuff…plenty of culture and people just doing their thing…just life as usual in the city –“

And literally a few seconds later, SPLAT!

Something—some clear liquid—had just been tossed out of a second story window and landed right on my head.  It was a substantial amount—enough to wet a good chunk of my hair and drip down the side of my head onto my jacket.

I was so shocked,  there was no time to have a graceful reaction.  I just started reacting (and waving my hands trying to decide whether I wanted to touch my own head to wipe it off or not)…

“UGH!  What was that!!!?  Eeek!!! It’s all in my hair!  It’s on my jacket!  Gross! I can’t tell what it is?!  I want to smell it, but then I don’t!!! What was that!???”

As I’m freaking out and trying to wipe it off, the guy with me is just as shocked (and probably disgusted as well), because it was in fact gross and shocking.  But he was a champ and tried to make me feel better with, “It’s OK…I can seriously barely see it.”

Not that I believed him, but poor guy…I mean, what was he supposed to say?!  He did the right thing and at least got me to a restroom before the thought to look for one even crossed my mind. (Seriously, if I was by myself, I probably would have been paralyzed by shock on the street corner for at least another 5 minutes before I even started thinking about finding a bathroom).

Even after we got to the restroom, I was so grossed out that I knew if I didn’t pull it together quickly, I’d just lose it.  So I went into survival mode with my own inner dialog, Charity pull yourself together.  You don’t know what it is and you’ll never know what it is!  But it doesn’t seem to reek like pee or beer, so you’re probably OK.  It was probably just tap water. Never mind that it felt just slightly more slimy than water…and a bit warmer. Ugh, was that spit?!  Don’t even think about it!  You’re FINE! You’re still alive.  Think of it as an urban adventure… and move on!

And so I tried to compose myself, and was glad to at least have a sink and paper towels in the back of a little taqueria, attempting to wipe off whatever mystery liquid hadn’t already soaked into my hair and clothes.

And that was it.  After that, we had some delicious Mexican food at a totally legit taqueria, and it was a great night overall.  I mean, I was definitely relieved when I finally made it home to take a shower, but the mystery liquid did not win the evening over!  I was victorious over the perils of urban adventure!

But seriously….who does this kind of stuff happen to other than me???  And what the heck was that mystery liquid stuff anyway???!



  1. HAHAAHA, omg charity!!! i’m sitting at my desk laughing at work, trying to contain myself bc i can totally picture this happening to you. so sorry that it did, but its kinda funny and u can add it to all your other funny dating stories. stuff like this happens to me ALL the time too, so u have my sympathy. glad u still had fun tho, yr a trooper!

  2. I think ignorance is bliss in this situation!

  3. bwahahahah I was laughing so hard reading this. That totally sucks, I can totally invision your reaction. Gross, yet kind of hilarious after the fact.

  4. O, Charity, I can picture it ALLL! OK, this is so unbelievable anyway…

    Hmmm, what would someone dump out of a window in SF? Remember, you are NOT in Naples, Italy…(which, in itself is a BIG relief in this case)

    I vote for vase water. It gets old, still looks like water, but can be kind of slimy…The owner probably felt it was harmless and wanted to “water the outside” plants to get double use????

    I hope that makes you feel better.

  5. OMG Charity LOL i really can’t believe that happend ! lol i’m soooo sorry 😦
    I’m glad you are laughing about it now. Way to not let it kill your night 🙂
    And wait… who else does this happen to ????? come on… me Charity, me lol 😦
    i feel your pain lol
    love you

  6. ewwww! haha, i’m sooo sorry charity. but way to rally! the bigger question is how did the date go? is there a second one lined up? 🙂

  7. Oh, Charity! I’m cracking up!!! That is like a scene out of a movie! So gross!!! Did you ever go out with the guy again?

  8. […] went out a few more times. Fun fact: he was that guy I was with during my infamously embarrassing "mystery liquid" date! That was just the […]

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