Posted by: charityliz | May 11, 2011

train sprints

Today I found myself sprinting to the train after work, and I squeezed on right as the doors were closing behind me, literally letting out a squeal that was a mix of panic, glee and then relief! Now I realize that this may sound like a typical day-in-the-life of a “city girl”, but let me just say, city girls seem to wear fabulous heals that keep them from sprinting and never seem to be in so much of a rush that would warrant raising their heart rate beyond a brisk (and confident) walking pace.  But not me.  No.  I was all out running, conveniently outfitted with running shoes and frumpy back pack.

As I plopped down in my train seat, I felt a deep sense of exhilarating accomplishment.  I had beat all odds and made it to the train!  Glancing at the time, I realized that I was also a full minute late, so the train had actually waited for me which was highly unusual–but never mind that!  I had victory! Sweet success!  I was not going to lose an ounce of time waiting for the next train.  My destiny was to be on that train!

…and then I realized something that felt odd to admit to myself.  I really had no idea why I was racing to that train other than the mere idea that I might actually catch it!  Unlike most evenings, I didn’t really have any plans after work and it wouldn’t have been a big deal to take the next train leaving in the next 20 minutes or so.  Dang.  I am such a sucker for efficiency that it kills me sometimes!


  1. You are so cute… you remind me of “Mary Richards.” Are you too young for that reference?? (Mary Tyler Moore Show in case you are!)

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