Posted by: charityliz | May 16, 2011

you know you have a 5 year old boy in your house when…

* You find his name written on every piece of paper or junk mail laying around within reach!  (I guess I’m lucky he hasn’t written his name on one of my walls yet!)

*  The doorbell rings more times than any doorbell should be rung (he insists on ringing my loud & obnoxious doorbell EVERY time he comes over…and usually a few more times during his visit, just because he’s so enthralled by it. I’m certain that the entire neighborhood knows when he’s over at my place.)

*  The most random household items are turned into some kind of sword or weapon (i.e. vacuum nozzle extension = star wars light saber thingy)

*  The drawer full of tools and hardware in my hallway is the most popular spot to find new “toys”

In spite of (and because of) all this, I absolutely love my little neighbor; he’s become such a sweet buddy to me!  Another one of his favorite things when he’s visiting, is scouring my apartment for photos of me.  Usually it’s a photo of me with a group of friends, but no matter how far away, out of focus or long ago the picture was taken, he always finds me in the picture right off the bat!  This never ceases to amaze me, because even his older sister can’t do this.  Tonight his mom was also visiting and watching him pick me out in various pictures.  When she asked him how he does this, he looked up at her with a perplexed yet adamant face and said to her, “because… I KNOW her!” –somewhat frustrated that his mom couldn’t understand what seemed to be so obvious to him.  Though he said it in spanish, I understood every word and my heart melted.  I have decided that whether I have my own kids someday or not, they are STILL one of life’s greatest blessings!  Thank you, God, for putting fun little ones in my life!



  1. Welcome to my new life too Charity lol As you know my new roomie has her 5 year old part time… meaning “we” have him part time~ He’s an amazing 5 year old though… and I’ve never felt so loved.. I’m a new aunt Tanya now 🙂 I’ve decided to call this new season of my life……… “Bootcamp” lol ha haa 😉
    Cheers Pretty, phone date soon?? xxxooxxx ~T

  2. So cute, Charity. Hey, when you are down here next, you are welcome to come get our GeoTrax set. The boys want to give them away, and maybe they would be fun for your little visitor. 🙂

    • Linda! that is so cute that the boys want to give away their GeoTrax! I’m sure my little neighbor would love that! hopefully i’ll be in SLO a few times this summer, so I’ll try to touch base with you. but if you guys find another fun little guy to bless, don’t feel obligated to wait for me. Hope you’re all well!! 🙂

  3. Precious story! Kind of reminds me of how God wants us to know Him, “My sheep hear my voice” comes to mind. Just like this little guy knows your face so well, it is because he KNOWS you, just as we will KNOW God’s voice better and better as we get to KNOW Him better.

  4. Ditto on your mother’s thoughts! That is exactly what came to my mind as I read your story. It is truly amazing how many truths come to us out of the mouth of little children.

  5. Good thoughts, Mom & Dad…I think you’re right. 🙂

    @T — yes! phone date soon fo sho!

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