Posted by: charityliz | June 12, 2011

lil brother married

I couldn’t really stop writing after my last post, as it basically leads into the second momentous occasion I’ve had as of late and find myself now reflecting on just how much life is changing. Not only did I gain a niece recently, but I have a another sister!  This weekend my little brother married the love of his life, Sara.  (big sigh)  I can’t believe David is married, and yet, it’s hard to think of something more satisfying than knowing that God has provided your sibling with a truly good mate, to partner with through the adventure of life.  It’s well worth celebrating and I found my heart filled with joy throughout the weekend.


The sweetest parts of the celebration…


As my big brother gave the toast, recalling some fun and quintessential memories of David as a kid, my thoughts wandered to the life that the three of us have shared as brothers and sister.  We had a lot of fun and memorable moments, especially growing up.  As we’ve all moved into adulthood, we’ve each had our own unique experiences, but I love that nothing can replace the adventures and memories we share from a truly blessed and happy childhood. 


Dancing the night away at the reception was an absolute blast!  I think I’m paying the price today (slight neck pains from too much Van Halen, air guitar, Lady Gaga), but I’ve been known to shut down the dance floor at weddings in the past, and this was no exception!  I stayed til the bitter end, and it was truly fun and joyous to dance it up with all the friends and family.  I especially love that both my parents know how to celebrate on the dance floor.  They were so fun, and I adore them for dancing it up with the best of ‘em!


Though it was a long dance party, and most people left before the bride & groom, I found myself wanting to stay til the end.  Maybe it was the big sis in me, but it was important for me to see them off.  As I said goodbye, I gave Sara a big hug—and without thinking, I couldn’t help but send her off with words of love and encouragement, just as a big sister should.  I’ve always wanted a sister, and thanks to having two amazing brothers who managed to find fabulous wives, I now have two beautiful and wonderful sisters!  I pray that I’ll always be able to be that loving, encouraging and accepting sister for both of my them.  Debra & Sara aren’t just gifts to my brothers; they are gifts to me as well. 


Bonus: Having so many of our extended family drive/travel so far to celebrate David’s wedding was a huge blessing.  I love my family!  Since the wedding was a two day celebration (ceremony on Friday night and reception on Saturday afternoon) I had some “bonus” fun on Saturday and went wine tasting with some of the extended fam and the ‘rents.  Goodtimes…


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  1. awww, david is all grown up now. congratulations on all the momentous events in your family life charity! (and thanks for being a part of mine!) you’ll be an awsome and cool auntie and a great sister-in-law!

  2. Awww, Charity!!! I’m so excited to have a fun sister who will actually dance with me!!!! I love you and thanks for such a wonderful time, being so happy for us, accepting me so quickly….and helping out with the end of the night!! 😉

  3. You have such a wonderful family!! I love the red shoes! And how awesome that Tim and Debra had a baby! 🙂

  4. Tim, Debra and Mia,
    An amazing young family. Mia is absolutely adorable.

    Tim, Charity and David, the incredible Romano kids. You were so much fun growing up. I loved having you visit or just POP in.

    Thanks for sharing your new stage in your life with me. The Lord has blessed our family with nieces and nephews that bring much joy to our lives.

    David, you and Sara, are in for some incredible experiences…enjoy the ride.

    Charity, Mia is going to enjoy her time with you.

    Wow, I am a great-aunt!!

    Love you all

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