Posted by: charityliz | June 12, 2011

mia grace

There some occassions in life that are so momentous that it’s difficult to feel like I can fully reflect on the weight of their importance, and at the same time fully experience and live in the occasion or celebration at hand. I’ve had a couple biggies lately. The moments have already passed, so now comes the reflection….

Two weeks ago today my first niece was born, and I was forever changed. When I first held her in the hospital, shortly after she joined us, I was just so taken that I couldn’t even look up at the camera to pose (and ya’ll know that I have a variety of stock poses ready to bust out in nearly any circumstance). But I was too captivated by Mia to even look up. And so, my first moments with my beloved niece, I simply cradled her and said, “I love you so much, I love you so much” at least three times over and over, her little googlie eyes, squinting up at me, my smile as wide as I’ve felt it in a long time. That was momentous, and yet it all went by like a flash!

Mia Grace. I think about her every day. I’ve dreamed of being an auntie for so long—you know, the one who is super cool, no matter how old she gets. 🙂 The one who can impart wisdom and advice without feeling outdated, the one who loves unconditionally, who’s always a fan (right next to mom & dad), who inspires and shows faith in a real way, and the one who manages to maintain a strong connection, even through the awkward teen years. Yesssss…that’s the auntie I want to be!

I’m so happy for my big brother and his wife, and so blessed to be part of their child’s life! Check out their blog for more pics of little Ms. Mia…



  1. Ah you brought me to tears! I totally get it. Being an auntie for the first time is life changing. So happy for you! Love that little Mia Grace with all you have in you! XO. -E

  2. Mia is one lucky girl to have you as an aunt!

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