Posted by: charityliz | June 28, 2011

thoughts on travel

So I’m in Baltimore for a work conference for a few days and I’ve had some epiphanies about travel…

1. I love that I live 20 minutes from a major international airport–which can really cut down on overall travel time, not to mention layovers. Being a city girl has its perks after all!

2. I LOVE to travel, but I really don’t like flying, because

a) I get super antsy just sitting there for hours,

b) I can’t really sleep on a plane, and

c) I tend to get this horribly nauseous feeling right after the plane lands. I’m talking intense, sweaty palms, I’m-about-to-barf-any-second feeling– with practically no warning. I felt so bad for the woman sitting next to me on the plane ride out here, because it comes on so suddenly that I must look like a time bomb with no warning–all the sudden I’m squirming and taking really focused breaths of air with my eyes locked on the nearest view to the outside world. And while it should be comforting that the plane has at least touched down by that point, the time it takes the plane to taxi to the terminal seems like forever…and I seriously just want to bust out my window and suck in some fresh air, which is sure to cure me in seconds.

3. Being in a city (Baltimore in this case) always gives me a renewed sense of independence and every-man-is-an-island sort of feeling. Never mind that I’m in San Francisco everyday for work. There’s something different about being a traveler away from home in a big city. And I get weird deja vous memories of some of the other cities I’ve discovered solo. Today as I was walking through downtown Baltimore, I thought of my time in Copenhagen because of the summer humidity and harbor…and then I thought of Paris because of a train station that seemed familiar (minus the signs in french).

4. I love the challenge of navigation through the city and trying not to look like a tourist. I tend to employ a confident speedwalk to appear as though I’ve been to my destination so many times that I’m in a hurry to get there, combined with as many inconspicuous glances at the google map on my phone to make sure that I’m not headed to nowhere fast. I’m sure I’d be an amazing 007.

5. My smart phone is way smarter than me. Seriously. It knows where I need to go, what train to take and how many stops until I get off, and what direction I’ll head when I get off and what the first cross street will be and how many feet I’m off course by when I do miss a turn. It’s almost scary how dependent I am!

6. Vacationing with a friend is the best, but exploring/touring solo is better than no tour at all. After my conference sessions were over today, I decided to go on a speedboat tour of the harbor. And since I didn’t think of it in time to ask some colleagues to join me, I decided I could still go alone. And it was very fun! As I was speeding along on the water, taking in the sights and the warm breeze, I found myself thanking God for these little bits of fun adventures He gives me–even if it is solo!

7. Thank God for random work trips that also gives me an excuse to see far-away  friends!  I was so SO happy to see one of my fav people in the world last night for dinner in DC, plus the added bonus of  meeting her BF!  Coop, being in DC with you was just as fun as all the other times — just too short!  Andy, thanks for dealing with all my questions and letting Jen & I giggle like old times!  You are awesome!


As much as I love adventures & new perspective that comes with traveling, I’m also really looking forward to coming back home tomorrow. 🙂

Speed Boat Tour - Baltimore Harbor



  1. I guess I’ll just have to wait til they come up with tele-portation that Sci-fi Dad is always telling me about. I get to experience travel vicariously—which, btw—is CHEAP!!

  2. You are one brave, traveling lady! I love your adventurous spirit! 🙂

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