Posted by: charityliz | July 10, 2011

college roomie flashbacks


Dear ‘ole college roomie,

There are a lot of things I remember doing with you during those oh-so-special college years– but I really don’t remember even once thinking about the fact that someday we would be partying it up in SLO for your Bachelorette weekend!  Instead…

I remember spending lots of time in Rieber, on our couch with that blue fuzzy blanket, scheming the best way to make our room the funnest place to be in Rieber Hall.  I remember singing the Cheeseburger song at the top of our lungs.  I remember how you were always ridiculously undecided about the things that I rarely even thought twice about and how you always wanted to suck me into the decision making process–like whether you should wear a sweatshirt to class or not, because it was hot outside, but it would be cold inside, and you really could go either way, but it was such a hard decision at the time. I remember falling asleep to the glow of your computer screen (and feeling a little bad that your major was so much harder than mine).  And then I remember your alarm going off well before mine as you wrenched yourself out of bed at like 5am for Crew (but I didn’t feel bad about that; just wondered how the heck you could get up so early and actually survive college!)  I remember doing small group bible studies and getting to know the “other side” of Jesus together and trying to figure out what that meant for our lives. I remember eating lots of lychee cups in our room, going out for Diddy Riese ice-cream sandwiches, and having enough self-serve yogurt in the dining halls to last a lifetime (not exactly our healthiest years of eating).  I remember having so much fun being like two “big sisters” to all the freshman friends in Rieber during our sophomore year.  I remember working the 3am shift at the front desk and coming back to our room to find you still awake “studying” (and IMing). I remember meeting your family and being so honored that they invited me to experience Chinese New Year and San Francisco for the first time (who knew I’d end up moving there someday)!  I remember when you came to meet my family; I still don’t know how you were willing to trek out to that small desert hick town and enjoy Joshua Tree, but it meant a lot.  I remember you talking with my Mom more than you talked with me when you came to visit, and how I loved that!  I remember when we moved out, and graduated and didn’t live together anymore…but how we remained friends anyway.

I remember the space between now and then, and how good it’s been to see each other on occasion and be able to pick up where we left off.   I remember the visits you made to Shell Beach and how you got to know my “new” roomies.  I remember seeing you in the OC, and wondering how you ended up being the one to embrace the So. Cal beach lifestyle instead of me! I remember first hearing about Chris…and then hearing about him again, and then meeting him…and then hearing more about him…and then hearing that you were engaged!!…and then checking out a few wedding venues with you.  And even then, I don’t remember thinking about you as a Bachelorette!  — of course, not because I couldn’t imagine it, but simply because I was too busy just enjoying you for you at the time.

But this weekend there was lots of time to think and celebrate you as Bachelorette!  And can I just say, you make an adorably fun and classy Bachelorette, and I loved every minute of this weekend! 

Cheers to last hoorahs,  a fabulous weekend with the girls and looking forward to a new chapter in your life!


your ‘ole college roomie

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  1. awww thanks chaz!!!!! =) you are so much more eloquent than I can ever be, that totally brough tears to my eyes! i love that you have been a constant no matter what phase of life i’m in. and i’m certain you will continue to be so wherever life takes us! so glad you were there to celebrate with me and bring your charity sparkle to the weekend!

    your ‘ole college roomie

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