Posted by: charityliz | August 17, 2011

Confessions of a Target girl

(pron. Tar-jé)

A quick and simple trip to Target this evening:

Laundry detergent – check.

Dish soap – check


Something to stop my bug bites from itching—check

Nail polish (the perfect color) – …

Though it should have been another easy item to check off the list, I found myself scrutinizing anything close to a mild, pinkish color of nail polish in Target’s vast collection of polishes.  I was looking for the perfectly unassuming color—the “go to” for a polished look at work or any variety of occasions; and most importantly, a color that would be forgiving with wear and tear (i.e. those stupid chips and scratches that inevitably show up within hours after painting my nails). 

After ten minutes of glaring at tiny glass bottles, trying to hold them up to my hands, and imagine what the color would look like if it were actually painted on my nails, I finally caved.  I couldn’t help it – I just had to see what the colors actually looked like on my nails.  I mean, if I didn’t try it now, I would buy several colors, drive home, try them on, and inevitably return most or all of them as failed attempts.  At which point, Target would accept the return and put them back on the shelf.

So, I decided to add a bit of efficiency to the whole process.  It was a little awkward, unscrewing that first lid and trying on the first color –but it immediately paid off as I realized it was absolutely NOT the right color. I felt a rush of freedom…and the search was on!

 For the next twenty minutes, I proceeded to paint all of my nails—each with a different shade.  Though I tried to be inconspicuous, I got a few double-takes from fellow shoppers. At one point a  Target worker, of all people, ended up right next to me, stocking a shelf.  She glanced over, knowingly.  At first, I hesitated and wondered if I should try to cover the whole thing up.  But if my glistening, mismatched nails didn’t give me away, the polish fumes that now filled the isle were a dead giveaway—so I decided to own it, and proceeded with no explanation. 

At this point, I had decided in my heart that if Target wanted to stop me, I wouldn’t argue.  I would explain my reasoning, and if they wanted me to pay for all the polishes, I actually would have conceded (and then returned them the next day).  But nobody seemed to care. In the end, the Target employee never said a thing.  She probably understood exactly what I was doing and why…and I’d like to think she must’ve had the same appreciation for efficiency and the fact that I was saving her the task of returning those same polishes to the shelf if I were to buy and then return them later.

About 14 colors later (and not enough nails for testing), I finally settled for the perfect shade.  Success.

PS:  I feel like such a girlfor writing a post about nail polish!   ah, well… just tellin’ it like it is.  But for all my smalltown & SLO friends, I promise, the city hasn’t gotten to me that much.  I mean, I still like to stand up paddle on weekends and wear cut off t-shirts when I workout.  I’m still me –which is part of the reason why I have such a problem with chipped nail polish.



  1. And yes, I’m looking for the photo with all the nail colors…

    • that photo IS the one with all the colors. They are subtly different, but definitely different. 🙂

  2. You are hilarious, Charity! Glad you found the “right” one! 🙂

  3. I heart this post! I totally understand 🙂 love you Pretty Woman!

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