Posted by: charityliz | August 18, 2011

Operation Bike Recovery

My bike was stolen.  10 months ago. I’m not sure why I didn’t blog about this back then. It was probably because I was in the throws of intense life change, which also seemed to be peppered with lots of challenging unordinary events; one of which was having my bike stolen right off of my own car rack on my own street.  And although it’s usually therapeutic for me to recount even the most unfortunate events of my life via blogging, I think I was just so over it at that point.  But it seems like a good time to tell that story, since there now seems to be an additional chapter.

So my bike was stolen about 10 months ago.  My neighbors actually saw the whole thing go down from afar, and ran up to my apartment to tell me, but it was dark and there was no way of telling where the thief went.  I seriously doubted that it would help, but I called the police and filed a report anyway.  My bike really wasn’t anything special, but it was special to me.   For several weeks afterward, I squinted at any bike that looked even close to mine…but none of them were it.  Eventually, I gave up and bought some crappy old bike off craigslist to commute to the city.

Fast forward to today (about 10 months later)…

 I’m walking down the street about a block from my house, just a nice stroll to the local Whole Foods.  Doodie doo.   I happen to glance into the front yard of an apartment building, and my glance quickly turns into a rubber-necked stare—Wait a minute…that’s my bike!!

Yep. Right there in someone’s front yard, locked to a tree.  It was a little banged up, but it was unmistakably my bike.  And just to remove all doubt, I checked out the manufacture ID number on the bottom of the bike, went straight home, compared it to my records, and sure enough—it’s mine.

So, I called  the police. It took them almost an hour to come to my house (apparently they have better things to do than chase after some old bike). But the officer was very nice, and said he’d drive me over to where my bike was so he could help me “recover it”.  (Side Note: my first time in the back of a cop car, and dang those seats are hard!)  We pulled up to the culprit’s apartment, and before the officer could ask details about where it was, I cried from the back seat, “Oh, no!  It’s gone!”  Because it was. There was no bike locked to the tree in the front yard anymore!

The officer was like, “Really??…dang.  …Ok, well at least you know the person is using it.”  As if that’s supposed to help!  As he drove me back home, he assured me that it would probably show up, locked to that same tree again.  And when I see it, I should just call the police again and stand there next to the bike until they come. 

So, I’ve officially launched Operation Bike Recovery (OBR), which will require at least one stroll to Whole Foods per day, by way of “that” apartment building.  If you’d like to donate your time to OBR, we’d love to have your support.  A simple drive-by or stroll-by will do.  We will not rest until that bike is brought back to its rightful owner!

PS: Don’t worry, Mom.  I will remain very incognito during my walk-bys and if I have to stand there while I call the police, I’ll call from across the street and pretend I’m doing something completely unrelated to recovering a stolen bike.



  1. thanks…

  2. love the story charity! I would do a drive by but man, that would be a pretty far commute…Makes me want to check you blog everyday to see what happens!

  3. OBR… haha! I totally hope you get your bike back!! Use some stealth maneuvers and catch those buggers! 🙂

  4. […] my triathlons.  And what is it with people stealing things???! I feel so violated and this is the second time I’ve had a bike stolen since I moved here!  But I am glad that they didn’t bother to steal […]

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