Posted by: charityliz | September 22, 2011

SUP +2

I love Stand Up Paddling! For 3+ years, I’ve chartered waters all over California and beyond, usually solo, and I never get tired of it. But whenever a friend joins me, my fun is increased exponentially. And if I’m lucky enough to have two friends join me, my fun-o-meter bursts from overload!
Last weekend, TWO amazing friends joined me, and I was seriosuly beside myself! We had so much fun out at Steven’s Creek Resevoir. April & Christy were super sassy SUPers in their matching fedora hats. They even attempted some pretty legit yoga poses. Maybe I should start Stand Up Yoga on the Bay!  any takers??

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  1. I was looking at a magazine at the dr office today and it feature SUPing and there was even a page for people doing yoga on their SUPs—I was looking for you, but didn’t find you. 😦

  2. Oooo, looks fun. I’m a bit jealous of the sunshine. It’s been super foggy here! April’s down dog is legit.

  3. Oh, How I wish I were there!

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