Posted by: charityliz | October 30, 2011

SUP yoga

I got to introduce another friend to the wonderful world of SUPing yesterday.  It was an amazing, sunny, wind-free day on Redwood Shores and we had such a blast!  Although we actually did paddle around quite a bit, I find that every good SUP sess. seems to eventually lead to a Yoga pose contest on the boards.   Basically, I always start with showing a few of my own fav (very basic) yoga poses, ending with my pride and joy, something like the Karate Kid pose.  Then the “newbie” tries a few of their own.  But let me just say, Meg brought the Yoga competition to a whole new level;she was unstoppable!  She tried every Yoga pose she could think of, and nailed the elbows-knees headstand as if she was on solid ground!  And let me tell ya, the boards are not that stable when you’re doing these poses.  Eventually she fell…and then our fun really began, with crazy surfer style padding moves, which had us both falling in– at which point we had to put the camera away –too much water.



  1. Whenever I see the letters SUP in your post titles, I think you are saying “What’s up.” And it makes me smile!

  2. […] always, the weather in October was fabulous and I managed to squeeze in some SUP time with Meg on one of the most sunny weekends in Redwood […]

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