Posted by: charityliz | December 7, 2011

last wednesday night

I might be getting older, but I like to think that I still know how to have a good time on my birthday–and this year, I even pulled it off on a Wednesday night!  And don’t ask me why, but when I sat down to write this post on the train this afternoon, that stupid Katie Perry song was stuck in my head– “Last Friday Night“–which is exactly what my birthday was NOT.  However, just for fun, I pulled up the lyrics and with a few edits this song ironically tells the story of  my fabulous night out!

There’s no stranger in my bed
There’s no pounding in my head
I woke up in the same room
I’m still hip but I’m no fool
This year I turned thirty two
The sweet life is what I choose!

Pictures of that night
Ended up online
Their cute
So swell
It’s a knock-out bunch
And I’m pretty sure they rule

Last Wednesday night
Yeah we dined at Coconuts
And we ate all kinds of stuff
Think we ran the bill way up

Last Wednesday night
Went to Rudy’s in PA
Karaoked all the way
Sang our songs and rocked the stage

Last Wednesday night
Went out with my fab girl friends
didn’t even need the men
It was like Carpe Diem

Last Wednesday night
Yeah I think we left by twelve
It was easy just to stop-op
and head home.

I’m no Katy Perry, but huge thanks to all my friends who made me feel like a rock-star on my Birthday!  Love you, girls!



Random Reviews

Coconuts is such a great little secret in downtown Palo Alto.  Who knew Caribbean food could be so fun and tasty? Their staff was super friendly, the food was really good (my fav dish was the Jerk Chicken), great drinks (my fav was the Mojito), perfect atmosphere for big groups (we all sat at one table).  The food is best when enjoyed family-style, so you can share lots of little plates, and everything was reasonably priced.

Rudy’s on Wednesday night is great for Karaoke and DJ Purple is amazing with his light show, fog machine, blow up guitar and instrumental breaks on his sax.





  1. In your element, my dear, at that Karaoke mic. You look glowing!!!

  2. I love your song! I totally sang the whole thing out loud! I think you could give katy perry a run for her money! Love you girl!

  3. I love that you girls are still out doing karaoke! I’m sure you are a lot better than Katie Perry. 🙂 Glad your birthday was a happy one.

  4. k-baby! i love that you actually attempted to sing the song with adapted lyrics! I can totally picture you doing that and I’m glad that I can count on you to know the latest pop songs! (I’m sure this blog post was less than amusing for anyone who doesn’t know that song.)

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