Posted by: charityliz | December 22, 2011

SLO blitz

My friend, Aaron, calls my visits to San Luis Obispo, "the SLO blitz" since I invade town by strategically popping around to everyone and their dog (literally) to try to see as many as I can in the short time I’m here. This visit was no exception…and I have to say, I loved every moment of the past 3 days…

* Arrived MONDAY afternoon in SHELL BEACH, to hang out with Tara and Terilee, and of course their new little guys– Grayson & Levi (so adorable).
* Then April rolled into town, and most of the ole shell beach bible study crew (Tanya, Mer, & Sara) got off work and joined us for some tortilla soup–just like old times!
* Then I went to Meredith’s in SLO for a much needed chat over tea…and as a bonus, finally got to meet little Riley (cutest puppy!)
* Went to ARROYO GRANDE and settled-in for the night at the Nesper Cheateau with April there too. Papa made us girls some sensational Lemon Drops, and of course that was followed by lively girls chat. I lasted til about 1:30AM, and then I crashed and slept like a rock.
* TUESDAY morning, I woke up to the classic Nesper breakfast- chocolate croissants, eggs and some good strong coffee (thank God!).
* Then I took a little solo time & enjoyed my old SHELL BEACH walk– an absolutely breathtaking day, overlooking the water!
* Enjoyed a lunch date with Roger at one of my favs, Big Sky.
* Followed by a long-awaited hair cut by Noelle (AKA miracle worker and much missed stylist since I’ve been in the Bay Area)
* Then a quick drop-in at POLY to catch up with my old boss
* Followed by fun happy hour with Heather, Amy & Jake (always a blast) at classic mainstay- Black Sheep.
* Then I discovered one of my new favs among a plethora of good restaurants in SLO–Eureka . (and I’m not even that into burgers, but these were tasty!)
* Closed the night down with cozy night’s rest at Heather’s lake house in A-Town (and some much needed "Heather time".
* WEDNESDAY morning coffee at my favorite Paso coffee house – Amsterdam
* Had play day with my irresistible niece, Mia and much needed chill time with Sis, Debra–complete with window shopping at all the cute boutiques in downtown Paso.
* Brother came home and we all enjoyed pizza and evening of treasured family time.
* THURSDAYmorning, head south–with an unavoidable and spontaneous stop in AVILA BEACH for a sunny SUP sess. Yes, stand up paddling in December is glorious!
* Followed by a nice cold drink at my fav post-paddle hangout–Avila Grocery.

and here I sit, looking out over the ocean, thinking, Whoa, I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful home to come back to. As much as I’ve come to enjoy the Bay Area and I’m confident that God has me there for a reason, I love that SLO still feels like home, and it’s no wonder–all these treasured friends make it home.

PS: Shout out to everyone I didn’t get to see this time — don’t worry, I’ll be back!

Next Stop: Santa Barbara, for some much needed Dev time! Heyo!!!



  1. And no photos of Miss MIa? 😦

  2. Isn’t Eureka Burger awesome!!! Which one did you have? I had the one with fig marmalade and goat cheese and it was a-mazing!

  3. Mia misses you already.

  4. Ahhhh I know how you feel! SLO totally still feels like home to me too!…. Too bad Shanghai isn’t on the way from the Bay Area south!

  5. Wow, did you every pack it in!!! Glad you had such a fun trip! 🙂

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