Posted by: charityliz | December 29, 2011

revolving sushi

Today I discovered the wonder of a revolving sushi bar.  Where has this been all my life???  I mean, I’ve lived (and eaten) in Los Angeles, Orange County, and now the Bay Area–all places with no shortage of sushi–and somehow I managed to miss it all this time!

So today my dear old college roomie introduced me to one of the hottest–er, I guess it would be coolest– new sushi bars in Orange County: Kula.  Supposedly it began as a “fast food” sushi bar in Japan and now a few branches have sprung up in the SoCal area.  But before I gush out too many more praises, let me first explain what it is not.  It is not fancy sushi.  It is not expensive sushi.  It might not even be quality sushi, though they do claim to provide a “high standard of natural, organic ingredients avoiding preservatives and additives whenever possible.  That seems a bit nebulous to me, but no matter.  Let’s move on to what Kula is.  It is convenient, cheap, amusing and surprisingly decent tasting for the price.  And to be clear –the price is $2 a plate (each plate is a small serving of sushi).  I ate six plates and was quite full (which is kinda unusual when I go out to sushi).  

Besides the price, the best part was being so amused by that conveyor belt of sushi.  Now I realize that the words conveyor belt and sushi don’t seem to mix well, but I’m tellin’ ya–that was the best part!  The conveyor belt snaked through the entire restaurant, strategically passing by each booth, within easy reach.  I was like a kid in a candy store when we first sat down at our booth, a wide selection of little sushi plates passing by at head level, just waiting to be taken.  And that was so much more fun than reading a menu and trying to determine if the pictures were accurately portraying the food that would later be served to me.  None of that guessing game with a conveyor belt.  You like what you see, and you grab it!  Of course, after grabbing a few things off the conveyor belt, I also had to try the hand rolls (which you must special order)– and  I have to admit, they were even better. 

I realize the average person might be wondering the somewhat obvious question at this point—did I get sick??  I’m not gonna lie, I was wondering the same thing.  But I decided to live on the edge, give it a try…and eat plenty of wasabi (seems like something that would kill any bad stuff).  And here I am, ten hours later, feeling great inside and out…and particularly satisfied that I scored such a bargain! 

Next step:  find cheap revolving sushi bar in Bay Area!


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