Posted by: charityliz | February 2, 2012

not so fabulous

Ever since I started blogging, people accuse me of having a life that sounds so fabulous and fun all the time. While I never really want to argue that point, I usually try to convince them that I have plenty of blah days and crappy happenings.  “But why would I blog about that stuff?” I tell them. “Who wants to hear about that stuff?!”  And sometimes they believe me…but I think sometimes they don’t.

I’ve had a decent smattering of the blah/crappy/un-fun stuff happen to me this week, so I figured I’d share—just to put things in perspective. WARNING: stop reading here if you only like hearing about my fun, happy, and oh so fabulous life!

Last Friday, I was zipping along on my bike on my way to work, unusually happy and perky for that early in the morning, mainly because I was really excited about finally being able to write openly about being single (my first post about all that was the night before). Anyways, I was zipping along, listening to one of my favorite jams (and definitely distracted), when all the sudden, I decided (for some idiotic reason) to ride parallel to the train tracks while crossing an intersection.  Mind you, this is an intersection I cross EVERYDAY that I ride my bike, and I’m always careful not to ride parallel to the tracks.  Why?  Well, because of what happened 3.5 seconds later.   Before I even knew it, I fell over.  Yup.  I spilled.  My front bike tire got caught in one of the track rivets, which is a sure way to crash fast.  I quickly pulled myself up from the pavement, feeling lucky that I survived without a scratch.  But my bike was not so lucky.  Her front wheel was all crooked and I had to kick it a couple of times to get it to rotate “properly” again.  Needless to say, she needs to go into the shop for some repairs. L

Then, speaking of bikes…I left for a quick weekend trip to visit family this past weekend and returned to find my road bike missing from my carport!  It’s usually locked up, but someone broke the lock and stole the bike.  This was a big bummer, because she was an extra special bike that my sister-in-law passed along to me for my triathlons.  And what is it with people stealing things???! I feel so violated and this is the second time I’ve had a bike stolen since I moved here!  But I am glad that they didn’t bother to steal anything else, like my other bike that just got banged up on Friday…or my paddle boards (which would have been really heartbreaking to lose).

Then I started feeling kinda sick on Saturday, and by Sunday I realized that I was getting the same bug that I’ve already had twice in the past two months!  Really??! Three times in two months is just ridiculous!  So this week has been filled with lots of coughing, missing work and just feeling altogether icky.

Then yesterday, I got a letter in the mail from my landlord declaring that he would be raising the rent.  I was whining about it to my parents, saying, “why does life have to be so expensive?!”  And they both laughed, all too knowingly.

If you’ve read this far without getting depressed or sick of all my whining, please hear me when I say.  I’m not whining! In the end, it really hasn’t been that bad of a week.  I mean, all those things did happen, but so did lots of other stuff.  And as matter of fact, if most people asked how my week was, very few would hear about the stuff I just wrote about—except maybe getting sick because they’d notice my hacking cough!  Instead, when I think about the past week, I think it’s had some great highlights! I got to spend a fun weekend with my family, with lots of laughs, plenty of downtime, and lots of admiring our little pride and joy (my niece).  I’ve also had some amazingly sweet conversations and emails with friends this week – those kind of conversations that make me thank God that I have such amazing friends!  Plus (as an added bonus) I had extra time to watch Friday Night Lights while I was home sick, which is always a treat.

So there you have it, my life isn’t always fabulous, but it’s still a really good life!



  1. miss you. let’s paddleboard.

  2. Awww why are there so many bad people out there?! Jeff’s bike got stolen from my brother’s secured garage last week too! It was locked up! And my bike was locked to it!! And our storage locker was also broken into last month. Nothin is safe anymore! But yay for FNL! Best show that people aren’t watching. I have the biggest crush on Matt Saracen!!! Go 7!!

  3. You’re still fabulous! 🙂

  4. awwww, Ilene! that’s such a bummer that you guys have had trouble with stuff getting stolen as well. But I’m glad that you find comfort on the brighter/lighter side of life too — Go #7 🙂

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