Posted by: charityliz | February 5, 2012

the lazy seamstress

When I’m sick and I have to rest, my attention span for the typical restful activities such as TV, movies, reading, and even blogging is limited. But sewing, on the other hand, is great! It’s restful, but still makes me feel like I get to do something. So being that I’ve been sick lately, I’ve also been going crazy with this one super fun and easy project. Mind you, my idea of easy means that I don’t have to think that hard about it, and my idea of fun is something that takes less than two hours and still turns out super cute. My poor mother, a truly talented seamstress, has tried to raise me with decent sewing skills and tactics (which also require precision, time, patience, and perfectionism—all of which I do not have when it comes to sewing). So in the end, despite my mother’s best efforts, I’m really just a lazy seamstress that wants to make something easy and fun.

So I’ve made a few of these cute little clutches for friends, and everyone seemed to like them, so I made a little tutorial for my cousin who just got a sewing machine for Christmas. In this case, I’m not assuming she’s a lazy sewer, but an amateur, who might actually benefit from something easy and fun. And I thought I’d share it here as well for any other amateurs out there…or any of you that are willing to admit that you’re also a member of the Lazy Seamstress Club. Enjoy!

click here for Easy Retro Clutch Instructions



  1. Yes! I love these! U use mine frequently. 🙂

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