Posted by: charityliz | February 15, 2012


I am that girl who doesn’t really pay much attention to Valentine’s Day. Earlier this week, a friend asked me, “So what are you doing on Tuesday?”…and I was baffled because I had no idea why she would be asking me about Tuesday, since we don’t normally discuss our Tuesday plans. She then had to remind me that it was Valentine’s Day.  So it’s just one of those things that doesn’t seem to stick on my list of important dates.  But for some reason this year, I felt like it was impossible to forget once the week got started.  And I’ve actually really enjoyed the way this sweet holiday has unfolded this time around, so I figure it’s worth documenting…

My Valentine’s Day actually started Monday night, when my Girls Night pals made a point of having our usual weekly dinner…plus a few V-Day treats to spice up the night!

Then I woke up yesterday morning with one of my favorite verses on my mind, “This is how we know what love is. Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, so we ought to lay down our lives for others.“ (1 John 3:16)  It made me think about all the people in my life (especially Jesus) that inspire me to love others.

This was followed by some amazing and encouraging messages received from a few friends who are always great at sending love notes.  And I even got some homemade valentines from coworkers.

Later in the afternoon, I was really surprised to receive flowers that were sent to my office by a Mr. YouKnowWhoYouAre. They were lovely and my favorite surprise of the day!

When I got home, my two sweet little neighbors each brought me a red rose.  Little Sam insisted on taking pictures (see below), and then sat himself down at my coffee table to write me a love note.  It was precious!

I ended my day by volunteering to serve a dinner to some homeless folks at the local train station (through an organization that my church partners with).  There I had the pleasure of meeting a homeless guy, Mike, who had a LOT of ideas about life and the world in general.  But the main idea that stuck with me is his solution to making the world a better place: If each person always focused on loving five people—three people you know and two complete strangers—everyone would be cared for and nobody would need anything.  While I’m not convinced that it’s the answer to all the world’s problems, it was such a fitting thought to end Valentine’s Day with…and not a bad thought to start with on the other 364 days of the year.

photo shoot with the kids on the “faces of V-Day”…

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  1. aww… your neighbor kids are are soooo freaking adorable!! =) so sweet of them to bring you roses. i want to hug them!

  2. happ valentimes day, charede!!! your neighbors are adorable! i love the little note they gave u!!!

  3. So cute! I like Mike’s idea… I think that would help a lot!!

    Mr. YouKnowWhoYouAre…. hmmmm. 🙂

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