Posted by: charityliz | March 4, 2012

shrinky dinks and sad faces

Last week, when little Lucia (neighbor from downstairs) was up visiting my apartment, we decided to make some shrinky dinks.  Do you remember those things?  They were such a fun craft when I was like 7 years old, and now—a significant number of years later—they are still quite entertaining for me and a current 7 year old.  Oh, how I love that my little neighbor kids from downstairs bring me back to the simple delights in life!

But on that same evening, I learned some sad news. My neighbors have decided to move to a larger apartment about six blocks away. [insert huge sad face]  I knew it was coming. They started talking about moving several months ago, so I’ve known that I’ve been living on borrowed time with them. Ultimately, it’s good that they found a bigger apartment they can afford. It was really hard knowing that their family of six was crammed into an apartment smaller than mine.

I’m incredibly grateful for the time that I’ve had with this family as close neighbors.  I feel like the kids have been a special gift from God to me—bringing all those simple delights into my life, like shrinky dinks, water fights, soccer practice in the driveway, sidewalk chalk and hula hooping.  And the rest of the family has been wonderful to me as well – delivering plates of dinner every once in awhile after I’d had a long day of work, and keeping a close eye out for me if they saw any unfamiliar faces headed toward my apartment. At the same time, I think I’ve been able to help and encourage them, and provide a respite of sorts at just the right time in their life (my apartment being the less crazy hangout). Though I hate that the season is changing, I thank God that it’s been a unique and special season indeed.  The world would be a better place if we all had neighbors like this all the time!

I’ve been out of town all weekend, but I happened to see them loading up their car with the last load of stuff when I arrived at home tonight. I’m glad I got to see them and hug them goodbye.  It’s weird to sound so sentimental about it, because they’re just moving six blocks away and we keep telling each other that we’ll still see each other (and I’m sure we will), but I know it won’t be the same.

Little Sam was in the back seat, pretty excited about their new place. But then he said, “I’m gonna miss you, Cherry,” and it melted my heart.  And then Lucia said, “We’ll still come see you and you can visit us”, and it melted me a little more. Of course, I said I would miss them too, but that I was also so excited for them and their new bigger home.  I tried to be happy and excited for them, because I didn’t want the kids to have to feel like it was a sad thing.  But a little piece of my heart sank as I walked up the stairs to my apartment and heard their car pull away, the kids in the back seat yelling through the window, “Bye, Cherry…we’ll miss you.”



  1. Oh, I’m going to miss the little “mijos” too…;{

  2. i know how you feel. i felt the same way when grandma and grandpa moved with we kids to good ol californy. when i last visited the old town with them a few years ago i was saddened to see how ‘old’ and run-down it appears.

    take care, love you so much miss charity liz

    hope you do ok through the earthquake today.

  3. i think jada received some shrinky dinks, but we have not played with them yet. those kinds of things were not around when i was a kid.

  4. Awww I’m sad for u too, cherry!! And my heart sank as well reading this post! I’ve looked forward to reading updates about your cute neighbors! I’m glad u had them in your life though for a short time. They kind of remind me of the kids u used to tutor at jac!!

  5. your little neighbors are sooo cute! i loved the post about the little boy running around outside in his tighty whiteys playing with the hose. im sad that they will be moving away =(

  6. Oh that’s sad. 😦 I hope they come and visit!!

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