Posted by: charityliz | March 17, 2012

happy birthday, mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!

While some might think it’s enough to celebrate today for the sake of Saint Patrick and green beer, I am celebrating because it’s my dear Mom’s birthday!

Since my Mom’s last birthday, a lot has happened in her life — most notably her second battle with cancer.  While this battle has definitely been a family affair, my Mom has obviously been the one who has had to battle the most for life and faith.  And I love that we’ve come to her birthday again, with the blessing of fully celebrating her life and her faith!  But when I think about celebrating my Mom’s life, I can’t help but think about all the things that she has been to me as a mother…

She’s my #1 FAN — and I really don’t know how she remains so loyal at times!

She PRAYS for me more than anyone else I know. From as early as I can remember, my mom wouldn’t let me and my brothers head out the door for school without praying for us — for safety and a blessing on our day.  At the time, I was anxious to run and catch the bus with my friends, but now I have a deep knowledge of my Mom’s commitment to prayer and faith and how it affects my life.  Even these days, I know that my Mom prays for me often, whether I’m asking for it or not.

She LOVES her husband and family selflessly– in a way that I hope I can do someday.

She remains steady through FAITH, and TRUSTS her God even in the midst of doubt and trial.

She is full of GRACE and TRUTH, with an honesty that few other people would ever dare to have.  And she’s honest for the sake of truly protecting and encouraging her loved ones.

She has a great LAUGH and her animated youthfulness has rubbed off on me in the best ways.

Mom, the list above doesn’t even do you justice…but it’s from the bottom of my heart!  I love you and can’t imagine a better mother than you.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This is one of my fav memories of us together–although I think this was for Mother’s Day, not your birthday…

FOOTNOTE: A little more on the silly jig above:

At work yesterday, we had a competition on who could be the most green for the day…in clothes, flair, and spirit.  I wore a lot of green (including my favorite retro pokadot green skirt) plus I road my bike to work in the rain (extra eco-green points), plus I was in a very playfully green mood!  Needless to say, I won the prize for the most green.  And it was all very easy to do, because I love dressing for a theme, and I had an extra measure of joy in my heart as I personally had the pleasure of celebrating my Mom’s birthday!  As a result of my zaniness, one of my colleagues was inspired to  turn my photo shoot into a leprechaun dance.  I preferred the sophisticated urban biker girl look…



  1. Luv the turtle neck!!!

  2. Charity,
    I’m so blessed to be your mom. You are everything a mom could want in a daughter all wrapped up into one beautiful package, and that is why you have had to wait for your brothers to get married to have sisters. And weren’t you lucky to get the brothers you did??????

    I loved our day biking, but you forgot to Photoshop me down by 40 pounds (tee-hee.) I love that you always go through extra effort to make my birthday a special memory. This year I get the leprechaun dance on top of all that you’ve already done!

    God bless you, my sweets.


  3. Awww… my daddy is a St. Patty’s baby, too. He was 78 this year! I hope your mom had a great day and is getting healthier by the day.

    You look adorable! I love your holiday spirit. 🙂

  4. […] Today, I found myself reflecting on all the wonderful traits I see in my mom (which I recently blogged about on her birthday), how lucky I feel to be the recipient of her love, and how rich my life has been because of her […]

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