Posted by: charityliz | March 30, 2012

still thriving

I doubt anyone out there was sitting on the edge of their seat wondering when I would post another Single & Thriving Lesson.  I mean, I was on a roll and totally loving the process—but I think I was probably having more fun writing it than anyone could have reading it!  As matter of fact, I had already loosely outlined several more Single & Thriving Lessons that I wanted to post.  And maybe someday I will.  But for now, I’m on a bit of a hiatus.

Why, you might ask.  Is it because you don’t feel like you’re thriving right now? 

Definitely not.

So then it must be that you don’t feel single anymore?? 


Basically, I’ve started dating this great guy.  And of course, I don’t feel like that completely prevents me from writing my thoughts as a single person.  Because, after all, I might not exactly be “available” right now, but I am definitely still checking the Single box on my taxes—and paying the price for it, I might add!   And yet, somehow  I still find myself with a bit of a writer’s block on the particular topic of Single & Thriving.

But in the meantime, I feel inspired to state that I am, in fact, still thriving.  And while I would love to write/process some of this experience (because I’ve found blogging to be one of the most therapeutic ways for me to process stuff), I’m pretty sure that when he decided he wanted to be my boyfriend, he probably wasn’t thinking that included signing up to be a regular “guest star” on my blog.  And of course, he’s also an avid reader of the blog…so there’s that.

But I will say just a few things about ME (not him) thriving:

  1. I’m thanking God that I’ve been having  fun, and totally enjoying the advantages of getting to know a super quality person.
  2. I’ve been learning a lot about the art of long-distance relating, and it definitely has its perks– even though I would never want the distance to be a permanent part of our relationship.
  3. I really love that we’ve had the opportunity to (truly) be friends first.  And if I’m gonna get technical about it, I guess we are still very much friends…except, let’s just be real…we’re not stuck in the dreaded “friend zone”.  🙂



  1. Cheers to ” no more friend zone” ( someone had to say it)

  2. Oooooh, blog (and facebook!) official! This is serious. And super cute pic (and couple)!

  3. Sweeet picture!!! Can’t wait to spend time with you two!

  4. I second Heather’s comment~ I can’t wait to hang with you guys!
    Love you Lady!

  5. I don’t think anything is offical until we all meet him!! Just kidding,love this pic and love this blog post.

  6. You two are looking super cute together!!! 🙂

  7. Cute! I’m finally getting caught up here, and love seeing pictures of you guys. Thanks for sharing!

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