Posted by: charityliz | April 11, 2012


One advantage to having a long-distance relationship is that my boyfriend happens to be living in one of the most impressive/beautiful/fun/cultured cities in the world—Paris.  So when God opened doors for me to take a trip to visit him, I jumped at the opportunity!

My introduction to Paris happened about three years ago.  It was the backdrop to my first moments on a new continent and the beginning of an incredibly epic European vacation.  With only a handful of poorly pronounced French words in my vocabulary, I stumbled my way through Paris, with nothing but my American charms (ha!), a really good map, and a healthy thirst for adventure.  I was traveling solo, happy to be part of the throngs of tourists who invade Paris every summer to suck up the most touristy sights, and loving every minute of it.  And that was the summer I fell in love with Paris and all things European, and hoped to God that I could return someday.

Fast forward three years—I find myself in Paris again, but this was definitely not the solo-American-girl-stumbling- through-Paris experience!


  • Having a tour guide (i.e. boyfriend extraordinaire) who knows Paris like the back of his hand, loves talking about all the cool stuff he knows about the city, the places he’s lived and the restaurants/cafes he enjoys most.  I got to be a tourist and get an insider’s perspective.
  • Riding bikes all over Paris! Ya’ll know how much I love riding my bike around Redwood City and SF, and anytime bikes can be included on vacation and seeing new cities I am in my Happy Place!  I simply loved following Jason through the streets of Paris by bike!
  • On that note, it was just really nice to be a follower for the week.  It was the perfect break from my usual life as an independent woman, leader, boss, etc.  Definitely not my usual M.O. to just sit back and follow a good navigator for a week.
  • Getting free French lessons from a very patient teacher/boyfriend who was so good at letting me learn enough to have fun, but without any serious pressure to perform (I mean, the guy is FLUENT in French—there’s no way I was going to actually be motivated enough to speak for myself when he could speak for me with way more precision and grace).  But I did learn that crêpe is not pronounced crape or crapp or krepp…it’s actually  klhepp (with the L kinda sounding like a nasal-rolled R).  And oh, how yummy those “klhepps” were!!!
  • Speaking of food, cheap crêpes on the street are great, but the most ah-mazing stuff was at the fancy restaurants Jason took me to.  I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated French food so much – it looked too pretty to eat, but once I tried it, I couldn’t put my fork down! –which was a good thing, because those French chefs take it personally if you don’t finish ALL of your food!
  • Lots of leisurely morning and afternoon breaks sipping coffee & espresso at cafes.  Nothing beats the people-watching and rest that comes with sitting at a French café.
  • A very enjoyable moment of solitude and reflection, sitting in the captivating beauty of the Notre Dame cathedral on Easter Sunday.
  • A view of the City of Lights from the top of the Eiffel Tower at night.  Need I say more?

*Big shout-out of thanks to family and friends praying that I’d have a good/safe trip.  All went well!

*Huge thanks to Jason’s friends who let him crash at their place so I could take over Jason’s room for the week.  I secretly hoped that living in the dorm of one of the most prestigious schools in all of France might actually make me smarter, or give me more of an inclination toward pronouncing those tough Frenchy words.  It didn’t work though.  😉



  1. I love Paris, and love it when I see others find their “own” Paris that is just theirs!

  2. You’re pictures are sweet! Thanks for posting so quickly for the curious impaired! Jason is a gem, what a stud to glide you all over Paris with his shared passion of the city. I’ve never been and can clearly see what I’m missing! Stoked about your trip, can’t wait to see you….can’t wait for Jason to come home too!!! This summer is about to Blow oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!!! XOXO

  3. this makes me so happy.

  4. I am so happy for you!!! You on that bike, all that food, and a super cute boyfriend who could ask for more?? God is good

  5. so awesome to read about your amazing week! it looks like it was a dream! so glad, friend!

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