Posted by: charityliz | May 2, 2012

do I look like MG?

A random lady sitting across from me on the train the other day was eying me funny for several minutes until she finally said, “I feel like I know you!  You look so familiar.”  I ask if she usually rides the bike car on the train, because maybe she’s seen me there before.  Nope.

Then she says, “But I really do feel like I know you.  Like you’re someone famous.”  This just puzzled me more, because those sound like two very different statements to me.  If you know someone famous, it’s definitely not me!  So I decided to guess the one famous person that people have told me I look like, though it’s been a few years since I’ve heard it.

“Do you mean Maggie Gyllenhaal??” I said, kinda hesitating.

“YES! That’s exactly who you look like!  Like in Secretary.  You look JUST like her in that movie! Especially with your hair like that!  And I just love that movie.”  Then she proceeded to search for pictures of Maggie on her  iPhone to show me what I looked like.  And then, the rest of the people sitting around us got interested and began to weigh-in on how much I did or didn’t look like MG.

This made me wonder. So I went home and snapped a few photos of myself on that very same afternoon (trying not to smile, because Maggie rarely smiles in her pics), and I thought I’d ask YOU — my faithful, or not so faithful readership.  (NOTE: Let me be the first to say that I realize this is quite a vain thing to blog about, but let’s face it, it’s no secret that this blog is already all about me and I am so easily entertained by pointless things like this!)  So if you’re extra bored, or simply want to make me happy with a few clicks, please complete the poll below.

And don’t worry, there’s no way you could offend me on this one.  Of course, I’m flattered that someone thinks I look like Maggie, because after all, she is famous and pretty.  However, I don’t quite see the resemblance.



  1. yes!! u do look like MG!! i see it!!!

  2. Personally, I think you have the face of an angel, not a human actress. Love, your girl crush.

  3. If she never smiles, how could you look like her? And, I agree with “face of an angel.”
    Love, MOM!

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