Posted by: charityliz | May 5, 2012

long live spontaneity!

Yesterday I left work thinking I’d have a mellow Friday night — no plans is a good plan!  So I started out with a mediocre workout at the gym and then soaked in the hot tub.  Ahhhhh! So nice!  After that I figured I’d just head home, make an easy dinner and then just sit on my couch and do whatever I felt like doing– like Netflix and a glass of wine.

But on my way home from the gym, my neighbor texted to see if I wanted to meet up with her, her husband and friends. They were at the beer garden and then planned to go roller skating.  At first I wanted to pass, because I was looking forward to enjoying my night of no plans.  But my neighbors moved into the buliding next door six months ago, and we’ve tried several times to get together and hang out, but our schedules always clash.  But this time my schedule was technically free, so I hated to miss the opportunity to finally hang out and get to know them better–because, from our brief discussions in passing (chatting over the property line, while standing on our decks), I could tell they are fun and likely cool.

So I said I’d meet them for a beer, but probably wouldn’t have energy for roller skating.

I quickly threw on some presentable clothes (something other than post-gym stretch pants) and met them for a beer.  And…it was so FUN!  I definitely like my neighbors and their friends. They are warm, down-to-earth people and super friendly!  [Note: Having great conversation with a bunch of people I had just met isn’t a super common experience for me these days. It seems that the older I get, the less prone I am to putting myself out there for new friendships, but when it happens–as in this case–I’m reminded of how wonderful it is to meet new people, because people are just so INTERESTING!] Afterward they all walked to the roller rink and I headed home, despite their attempts to persuade me to join them at the roller rink. I had convinced myself that I was well out of energy.  And besides, I was plenty satisfied with my level of spontaneity for the evening — I had, after all, just enjoyed a beer with strangers!

But as soon as I got home, I realized that even though I was tired from the work week, I actually really wanted to experience the infamous Redwood City Roller Rink (and especially wanted to hang out with my fun neighbors/new friends some more).  So I grabbed some thicker socks for roller skating and hopped on my bike again and met them at the roller rink.

And, I tell you what– roller skating at the Redwood Roller Rink is a blast from the past…and so fun!  And this roller rink was truly classic; one of the last remaining old-school roller rinks in the state (if not the country), I’m sure.  It even had that musty smell of leathery, sweaty roller skates from the 70’s.  And most importantly, we enjoyed a quality soundtrack to match the whirring sound of our skates; a dependable mix of highly recognizable 90’s R&B, Michael Jackson, and even some good 80’s rock hits!

Despite my slightly wobbly technique, I loved gliding around that rink, over and over and over again– the whole time, with a huge smile across my face!  I arrived back home late last night — exhausted and yet so glad that I’m not too old for a good ole dose of spontaneity in my life.  All I have to show for it now is some blisters on my feet and a few blurry action shots (as if the camera was as old as the skates I was wearing)! Oh– and some new friends!  Totally worth it.



  1. Fun! I’ve always loved roller skating! 🙂

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