Posted by: charityliz | May 10, 2012

Bike-to-Work Day

Like most other days, I hopped on my bike this morning and headed for the train/work. But upon arriving at the train station I was greeted with a friendly group of people, wishing me a happy Bike-to-Work Day! And then they handed me this cute tote with lots of bike goodies. And in that moment, I finally felt like I was legit. I was not a poser who just rides her bike on a special Bike-to-Work day. Nope. I was just doin’ my thang like most other days.

Up until this point, I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider when it comes to being part of the “legit” crew of biking elitists on the bike car, for the following reasons:

* Everyone else wears a streamlined helmet, while I prefer my pokadot rounded helmet that looks more like something you wear on a scooter (and that’s because I sometimes like to imagine I’m on a Vespa).

* I’m pretty much the only girl in the bike car who routinely wears a skirt and cute shoes while riding her bike (I figure if I don’t sweat and it’s only a short bike ride, why not just wear my work clothes?).

* I have no idea what most of the bikers on the train are chatting about when they compare fancy bike parts. My favorite example of this is when one of my biking buddies was talking to another buddy about the cool cassettes he had just purchased. I thought he was really into 80’s music and found the original cassettes and I asked what bands he was into, but it turns out they were parts for the the bike he was building.

* I have no idea how to use the free patch kit that was included in my bike tote giveaway this morning. I’m just proud of myself for keeping a tire pump on my bike. But if the tire actually has a hole that needs patching, I will be walking that puppy to a professional! My own patch job would be a serious safety risk.

* My preferred ride is an old school 3-speed Schwinn. It probably weighs about five times the weight of everyone else’s super light titanium road bikes, and I have to lift weights at the gym just to make sure I stay strong enough to lift my bike onto the train! — but I have a super sweet ride! And even if the rest of ’em wouldn’t ride it to work, I get compliments every week from other bikers admiring my sweet old Schwinn. (Usually it’s someone in their 50’s who says something like, “Nice bike! I had one of those when I was a kid and it looked just like that except it was red. Where did you even find this??”).  Big shout-out to Ryan & Melissa for giving me this bike– it’s changed my life!

So needless to say, I’m not your average bike commuter. But nonetheless, my rides to/from work are often the highlight of my day and I’m obviously dedicated…and I have a Bike-to-Work tote bag and picture to prove it! I was so proud, I made them take a picture of me right there on the platform this morning (I know, I know…I’m such a dork!)

Note: apologies for any typos. This post was composed with two thumbs and an Android on ….(wait for it)….the train!



  1. This is awesome! Approaching year 2 and you’ve finally made it to “legit”.

  2. So European…I remember Erick’s grandmother talking about riding her bike as her only mode of transport in Holland. Yes, she still rode around in the OC, and in a dress!

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