Posted by: charityliz | September 18, 2012

true north

compass.jpgIf there were a compass for this journey called life, I believe True North would be Jesus. If I can’t prove that north exists, I’d actually still want my True North to be Jesus. And since this is just an analogy, I’ll also say that everyone who’s living a life has a compass, and therefore, everyone’s life is pointed toward some kind of “north”.

I want my north to be Jesus – The One who stands for redemption and can actually change lives…the One who can do the unexpected and far more than I could ever hope or imagine….the One who gives me unexplainable peace in the midst of some of life’s biggest heartaches and tragedies.

And since north is not a specific location, but rather a direction, I’d say that a life of faith is more about following in a direction that points toward Jesus (and the things He stands for). It’s not about claiming that I’ve “arrived”, met Jesus face to face and can now solve all of life’s biggest mysteries. Believing in Jesus sets a direction for my life, even if I don’t always know what I’ll encounter along the way or why certain tragedies and heartaches, as well as victories and blessings, tend to be an inevitable part of that path.

But sometimes I’m not even thinking about my compass, let alone looking toward True North. Instead, I get distracted using my nifty GPS to give me quick shortcuts to accomplish the next thing on my To-Do list, never even considering if the route for the day is headed north. This is what it means to feel like I’m just trying to get through the demands of each day without considering what the whole journey of life is about.

Today, I’m thanking God that the journey toward True North is a good one, and such a great opportunity!  And my prayer is that I’ll spend a few more moments each day learning to stop and consider how to live life in the direction of True North.



  1. wonderfully said charity!

  2. As only a surveyor’s daughter could explain it… 😉

  3. Amen
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