Posted by: charityliz | September 23, 2012

my pet paddle board

I had a superbly satisfying paddle session with my amazing stand-up paddle board, Avila, today. As I pulled up on shore, thanking God for such a beautiful day and the opportunity to enjoy it on the water, the amount of sheer love I had for my trusty companion on the water, made me think that she’s just as good as any pet! I have so many friends that go on and on about how great their pet dog or cat is, but I have to say, Avila is a wonderful companion, and dare I say – even better than a “real live” pet! I’ve actually given this some thought, and I’ll prove it by highlighting some of the very reasons that people find their pets so appealing:

1.  Loyalty: Avila will never leave me. She never even tries to run away. She’s always patiently waiting for the next time I want to go out on the water…and she always wants to go with me.

2.  Fun Factor: Avila is always down for some fun, and she brings out the playful, adventurous side of me.

3.  Therapeutic: If you’ve ever spent an hour on flat, calm water with a paddle board, you know exactly how therapeutic it can be.

4.  Exercise: Boy, can I get a workout with Avila! And I gotta say, it’s way more fun than running. And on top of that, I rarely have to use her leash because she’s incredibly obedient!

5.  Cool Factor: Almost every time we’re out on the water, people stop to ask about my cool board—and I’ll confess that it makes me feel cool. Perhaps this is how guys feel when they bring their cute puppies to the park and discover they’re a girl magnet.

6.  Cheaper & Easier than a Kid: While my little Avi may have cost a chunk of change on the front end, she is in fact, must cheaper than a kid because she requires virtually no maintenance. And unlike dogs & cats, I never have to feed her or send her to the vet. Note: I still LOVE kids and hope to have one or two (or three!) someday.

Bonus Points over any Pet:

7. Avi’s life span is expected to be as long as mine, or maybe even longer! She’s built to last, so I don’t have to worry about burying her in the back yard before I kick the bucket.

8.  Most rentals don’t have any rules against owning a Stand Up Paddle board.

9.  Avila doesn’t do rude and naughty things…like pee on my carpet and chew up my shoes or barf hairballs.

After over four years together, I can honestly say, she’s pretty amazing! Oh, and her baby brother, Rio, is really fun too! Both have been such a blessing to me and to so many of my friends & family that have gotten to experience the joys of paddling with Avila & Rio on the water!




  1. I can honestly say that I agree wholeheartedly. Having experienced time with both Avi & Rio, they beat any pet hands down!

  2. Also, you don’t have to follow them around collecting any droplets. They simply evaporate! Here, here for Avi and Rio!

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