Posted by: charityliz | December 19, 2012

photo boothin’ with my boo

Can I just say I looooove photo booths? And no matter how many parties and weddings I go to with photo booths, I never get sick of ’em! I’ve had photo booth pics stay on my fridge for years, and they are still my favorite to look at! Jason and I happened to take our first photo booth pictures together last night at my holiday work party, and we both agreed that these shots were some of our best pictures together. (Now, I haven’t quite decided if that’s a good or bad thing, but it is what it is). Either way, I guess we’re both suckers for squeezing in a small box and hammin’ it up for a timed mirror camera — and somehow that captures us. Or, maybe I’m the only true ham, and he’s just willing to get sucked in for the fun of it. But in the end, I think it brings out the comfortable-playful-happy in both of us, and that’s pretty much all it takes for me to have a good time with my boo.

Scan 9-3



  1. Lookin’ good!

  2. That’sa nice’a couple!

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