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WARNING: this post could be a bit obnoxious to anyone who’s not romantic, or just plain sick of hearing sappy love stories.  Stop here if that’s you!

I have many friends that are happily married and can attest to the beautiful (and often challenging) experience of married life, but one common piece of advice that I’ve received from nearly all of them is to enjoy the “dating phase” while I have it.  And I have to say, that’s great advice!  Yesterday was a fine example of the joys that come with “just dating”.

First off, it was my first Valentine’s Day in which I could actually claim that I had a Valentine. And that’s not just because I got unlucky every February.  It was because I was completely and utterly single until I was 32.  And while my single years were sprinkled with a few random dates, I was definitely a solidly solo, albeit thriving girl for all those years!

So I’m no expert on dating, and it’s not all easy…. but since I still consider it a new season in my life, I’m inspired to stop for a moment to reflect on why it’s so good, because yesterday captured it well.

1. Best of both worlds. I woke up pretty excited, and not just because I had a great date to look forward to that night.  The real perk of the morning was putting together little girlie gifts for my sweet and lovely roomies. I love that I got to enjoy the girls like I always have, and also have a special valentine later that night!

2. Anticipation.  I liked the build of anticipation all week long, as Jason sent little emails announcing that he’d made reservations for V-Day date and then trying to make me guess where we were going…I didn’t even want to guess because I just LOVE the element of surprise!

3. Dress Up.  I rushed home from work, went on a quick jog, and then proceeded to get all dolled-up, as I listened to my favorite Beyonce’ mix on Pandora.  Would that even be possible if I was coming home to a man already in the house??  I love getting dressed up for special occasions with Jason.  And to top it off, he was lookin’ snazzy as well — sport jacket and all.

4. Over & Above.  While I would have been more then happy with a rose and a card, my man greeted me with a beautiful rustic bouquet of tulips and a bottle of the fanciest champagne I know of…Veuve Cliequot (I mean, I know there’s lots of fancier champagnes out there, but those are so far out of my league, they might as well be non-existent in my world).

5. Sweet words with a little twist.  Jason also gave me a valentine card, composed in French.   And although I could only make out a few words at first glance, I just melt at the sight of a love note in French! …and of course, I got to revel in the words later that night with the help of google translate.

6. Playlists. Jason even made a playlist for us to listen to on the way the restaurant… all of a twenty minute drive away. It was many of my favorite romantic country songs, most of which I’ve never mentioned to him. Oh, and he even got his car cleaned so he could pick me up in style!

7. Fancy Food. Our dinner destination was a cute little french restaurant, which brought back fun memories of our time together in Paris last year. We enjoyed a long, relaxing dimly lit meal–which was a lot fancier than we usually have, but the splurge made it special and it was absolutely delish!

8. Kiss good night.  After dinner Jason drove me home, walked me to the door, and kissed me good night like a perfect gentleman.  And then we parted for the evening, my heart smiling.

I realize that great relationships stay great for years to come, but I also have a feeling that things change and it probably gets harder to have “firsts” and surprise each other and pretend like you’re picking someone up for a date when you actually live with them.  And so I couldn’t help but just soak up the joy of dating last night, and just thank God for the unique blessings that come with this season.


2013-02-15 19.56.23

2013-02-15 19.56.40 



  1. This is fairly swoon-worthy! And that includes my awesome gift of girly unmentionables! 🙂 ‘Twas the highlight of this single girl’s day.

  2. Love it Charity!

  3. Charity,
    I know of no one more deserving happiness and joy! You are an amazing young woman. May the Lord continue blessing you. Love the pics of you with Anna and Mia.

  4. What an absolutely lovely Valentine’s Day. I’m so happy for you!

  5. So romantic! So glad you waited for the perfect guy! Love the big smiles on your faces!!

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