Posted by: charityliz | February 27, 2014

parking injustice

It was just a few days ago that my colleague and I were stopped dead in our tracks to watch a young woman, as she carefully squeezed her old, white, banged-up Toyota Corolla into a “parking space” so small that we both wondered if she’d be able to get out of her car after parking. Parking spaces are “interesting”, to say the least, in the industrial neighborhood surrounding our San Francisco-based campus. Naturally, parallel parking is an art, with uneven curbs, very pale red zones, and no guiding lines to give ample space between your bumper and the next. But it gets even more interesting where there are no lines to mark spaces in perpendicular parking areas.
And that’s where we found ourselves unabashedly staring this woman down as she dared to maneuver her car tightly between two other vehicles perpendicularly parked — the whole time, commenting to each other on how incredibly inconsiderate she was. After all, the two drivers of the cars surrounding hers would need to crawl through their trunks to get to the driver’s seat. Of course, this driver somehow managed to squeeze out of her driver’s side door– it seemed almost like an optical illusion, like how mice can squeeze their entire bodies through holes the width of their skull. Then she locked her door, and as if she had done it a million times, she strategically flipped both her side mirrors in, fully aware that the cars on either side of hers would have torn the mirrors off their car and her own if they were to reverse more than four inches to get out of their space.  She promptly walked away, carefully ignoring the judgemental stares from me and my colleague.  And that was that.  We were appalled, and she got away with it. End of story.
Until today, when I was absolutely shocked to realize that my car was practically being kissed by the fender of that same ugly, old, white Toyota Corolla!
I had become the victim of this serial-inconsiderate-parking-lady!!  As you can see, I’ve had a hard time coming up with an appropriately applicable name for this injustice, and while I wished justice could be served, I found myself thinking of all the other horrible ways that this person could be “taught a lesson”….perhaps one of the following techniques would work…
1. Let the air out of the tires of the vehicle.
2. Super glue all the doors and trunk shut.
3. Better yet, put super glue in all the lock/key holes.
4. Wait until she returns to the vehicle and tell her, calmly and sternly, how inconsiderate her parking habits are (because maybe she has no idea!)
5. Convince the towing company (which is literally located 20 yards away) to tow that dumb white Corolla
6. Apply Vaseline to the door handles.
7. Siphon gas from the gas tank.
Confession: I’m not proud that my first reaction was to fantasize about all the above things that are so not nice (except maybe #4). And of course, the responsible-citizen side of me knew that I could never actually do any of that!
Truth: I also knew I had to forgive and move on, because unforgiveness will only hurt me. This person was obviously oblivious and would be unaffected by any level of resentment I held against her. Meanwhile, I’d be weighed down by my negative, ineffective feelings toward another human being. It’s a trap!
Resolve: Climb through my passenger side door, start my car, and drive away. And pray for justice. 😉
Such is life in the big city, I guess…


  1. I think you were on to something with Item#4. A note on the windshield would have been appropriate. It’s possible (however unlikely it seems) that she really hasn’t considered how her actions affect others

  2. Your headlights have a little bit of the “come hither” flirty look which is why the Corolla almost kissed your car…didn’t want to go too far on the first meeting.

  3. Hahahaa WOW!

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